Set Yourself On Fire

When I say I was angry Saturday, I mean I was angry. 
Angry might even be an understatement.
Anger isn’t even the proper word.
The proper word, if I can be real for a moment, is envy.
I was envious and I was mad about it. I had to call someone and ask them to pray over me.

I am frustrated for the wrong reason.  It’s called comparison.  It will kill you.  In any form.

There are days when “I” believe that I am the hardest working woman anywhere. 🙂 And “I” believe that there are certain things I should be entitled to that others should not because they don’t work as hard as me.  Well, in case nobody ever told you this, let me be the first.  work is just work if you are not channeling it in the right place.  Don’t get me wrong.  I give my all to my students and my clients.  But that’s what’s wrong.

How can I hate on someone else’s success or progress or whatever when I am not putting in the work to elevate TASHA?

This happens all of the time.  We see someone with something (often times, a flat stomach, banging arms or from this side of the business, a great contract with a lead company, a packed class every night, a constant flow of clients) and instead of wondering where we have fell short in our work, we start to think of who they must know or what they have taken to have gotten where they are.  We NEVER think of how we are NOT stepping up to the plate.  And I had to think, “Tasha, where are YOU slipping?”

It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and judge.  It’s harder to get in the mirror and get real.  I know that some of my workout time was being spent in Starbucks, playing Ruzzle in between my paperwork.  I know that I was rescheduling appointments when I should have been doing cardio.  I knew that I was going to bed without dinner when I should have been up not only eating, but preparing for the next day.  I knew I should have been planning my workouts instead of watching reruns of Good Times.  The truth is I AM busy and I do need some down time.  But I have started to wonder if I am tired because I “say” I’m tired not because I “feel” like I’m tired.  I need to work on a medium speed because I am either go, go, go or sleep, sleep, sleep.  That in between is where Tasha rocks out her own life.  And when I can rock out mine, I have no time to be concerned about how someone else is rocking out their life.  I actually only have time to applaud them.  In between sets, of course.  🙂

Are you on the sidelines? Are you the one with the critical eye and the crumbling life?

I challenge you today to use THAT energy to re-ignite your OWN fire.  What could you do TODAY to set yourself ablaze?

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