I Bid Good-Bye

I have had a lot of bad nights.
And then there was last night.

I am sure those couple of shots of espresso AND the large coffee blend given to me by the wonderful young
ladies at Starbucks (thank you!) didn’t help but I was in Starbucks to begin with because my mind was busy.  I handled a little business, came home and felt like I was going to fall over with the thoughts.  The television was on the news (well, capturing a terrorist is MAJOR news) and I tend to absorb too many emotions from the news so I don’t watch it but I was too preoccupied to get up and turn it off.  I was playing Ruzzle, texting my friend and doing push-ups all at the same time.  After getting beat, telling my friend I loved her and a hundred push-ups and hundred crunches later, I was still wide awake.

Me and my fear.

The other night in my Spring Slim Down group, I told them I wasn’t afraid of failing as much as I was afraid of dying in my mediocrity.  That word, MEDIOCRITY, has followed me since the fourth grade when my teacher called me mediocre in front of my entire class.  I was having problems unknown to her at home and my work had begun to slip.  At age nine, a name is a name (even if I did think she was calling me “mediOKRA and I loved okra but oh well.) But something changed in me that year.  My normal getting straight “A’s” eventually turned into C’s and I got my first “F” the next year.  I sort of gave up trying.  Who cares about being the smart kid when you go to a magnet school and EVERYONE is smart?

Is that who I’ve become?

If you ask me to describe myself or tell you anything about me, here’s what I’ll probably say: I love peanut butter, music, dance, books and sleep.  I love helping people.  I hate it when people are in pain.  I’m not the revenge type nor am I competitive…..


So, I’m not really a liar.  I’ve just changed over the years. 
I AM competitive.  In a way that has made me uncomfortable.  And it’s keeping me in my mediocrity.

I have a tendency NOT to do anything I won’t excel in immediately. I am not the LEAST bit concerned about any type of dance ANYTHING because, well, God just gave me an overflow.  But when it comes to running, I’ll run as long as I know no one I know is running and has a chance to beat me.  When I know someone I know has beaten me then I lose my mojo and I don’t want to try.  It keeps me from reaching for all of those new things I could be doing.

Did you know my Facebook timeline, Twitter feed and Instagram are FULL of people BETTER than me? 
And some days it’s motivating.  Other days, I feel so far behind, like I did in the fourth grade that I find myself comfortable at my own little level of fitness and I smile, do my same little stuff and I’m done with it.

And I’m done doing that. 

I don’t (honestly) care about being “better” than anyone.  I just want to be better than myself.  I want to GET OVER MYSELF.  I do not want to shortchange how far I’ve come because of how much farther others have went. I have had a pretty rock star journey.  And I am thankful for it.  And I want to go farther BECAUSE of it because I CAN.  Because I KNOW it’s in me. It’s the same thing in me that let me lose 90

lbs. (and other weight OVER AND OVER again).  It’s the same thing that drove me, a non runner to not only do the Warrior Dash but two other mud run AND a half marathon in less than three months.  It’s the same thing that let a once shy child get up in front of hundreds and teach classes doing the same things others wouldn’t let her do when she was younger.  Mediocrity wasn’t born in me.  I grabbed as a crutch and held on to it.

Good-Bye.  I shall never grab on to you again.  And unless I die before I press publish, I will die in greatness, not in mediocrity.

Today, I walk on my own.  I might even run.
What about you?  What crutch are you holding on to that keeps you from running for what you REALLY want?

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