Sticking With Resolutions: It IS Your Choice
Why leave it up to chance when you have a choice?

And it’s always your choice.  It’s always been your choice.

So, WHY do we blame other people when our weight loss and fitness goals/dreams/visions don’t come true?

As a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, I am the object of much affection AND much criticism so I am very familiar with how easy it is for us to say it’s someone else’s fault.  I am also a person who used to do the blaming.  I used to have a bad habit of showing up for a group fitness class, waiting for an instructor to “impress” me and not getting a good workout because I was too busy critiquing their choreography, shoes and timing.  Then, after I got home, while eating my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (which I deserved after burning off those calories and for getting myself to the gym when I really wanted to go home), I fantasized of being her, then got depressed about how much weight I wasn’t losing, headed for the fridge to get some ice cream to assist in my self-bashing and went to bed crying about how miserable my life and my inner thighs were and went to bed depressed.  After a few days of being in a sugar coma and avoiding the gym (I didn’t want to look at her.  She was fit and she was probably judging me), I found several reasons NOT to go back to the gym.  Days turned into weeks.  Weeks turned into months.  Months turned into a year.  Then, twenty pounds later, I decided to return.  And this was it.  For real this time.  I was going to do it.  Or at least I hoped.

Sound familiar?

The difference between people who just “make” resolutions in regards to their weight and people who stick with them is accepting that you ALWAYS have a choice… be healthy…..or not.  When you are sitting down with that fork in your hand, you alone are responsible for what’s on the end of it.  It is ALWAYS your choice as to whether to succumb to the peep pressure from others (“it’s just ONE piece of cake”, knowing sugar sends you into orbit), guilt from others (“you mess up everything with your “eating preferences”) or the cravings you do not investigate before you act (realizing that your statement of “I want something sweet” may really mean “I am really bored or sad and I want something/someone to babysit me.”).  I did NOT say this was easy and I did NOT say I have this all figured out.  I, too, struggle with these sometimes.  I struggle less after I have a decision that didn’t suit me well after I figured out that it was all MY choice (that’s part of the reason why I am participating in DietBet.  Oh and putting a picture of myself all over the internet in a sports bra and shorts.  But I digress……*smile*)

  • My tea is not ready in the morning?  My choice.  I could have done it myself.  I don’t HAVE to drink juice.  I could drink water.
  • My exercise time got messed by the weather and I didn’t get anything in today.  My choice.  I COULD have done something at home.  I just chose not to do it.
  • I have no dinner when I get home from work.  My choice.  I might be mad at my husband but I could have made preparations earlier in the day.  
  • My weight went up four pounds.  My choice.  I could have not had all of those chips and salsa, extra handfuls of nuts, extra rice and Chipotle and a piece of cake.  I know I didn’t eat the way I normally eat all week.  It’s all on me. 
When we accept responsibility for our choices and wear cool headbands (have you entered the drawing yet?), we can keep resolutions and resolve to remain this way for life.  2013 is our year!

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One Response to Sticking With Resolutions: It IS Your Choice

  1. Keri says:

    Thank you for this post! I may need to periodically reread it to help keep me on the path to achieving my goals!! 🙂