A "Get It, Girl!" Moment and Giveaway!

Christy Scott and I are indeed a lot alike.

We both are over 35 but not yet 40. 🙂  We both have two children; a boy and a girl.  Our husbands work for the same company.  We both have short hair, teach Zumba, are personal trainers, like Coach purses and have run a half-marathon.  Now, I can one up her on a few things like I have more tattoos, own more gym bags and probably have a bigger assortment of headbands.  🙂  She can one up me by the fact that she owns EVERY pair in EVERY color of Nike Free’s that have EVER been released, can rock blond hair, looks amazing in shorts and she doesn’t just run half marathons.  She runs marathons, ultra marathons, ultra trail marathons, 100 MILE RACES and…

…..she doesn’t come in last.

Christy is my every day hero.  She is just a quiet force who has a determination I truly admire.  As she prepares to get her daughter ready to enter college this year, she is training for her FIFTH 100 mile race.  And not just on some flat land.  Christy trains chooses a different place to run a 100 miler every times she does it.  When I saw a picture of the place for this year and she stated the elevation, I thought she had completely lost it this time.  What I realized is that she has the mind of a champion.  She knows that if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Just last year alone, Christy ran 18 races (that does not include the four 5K’s she ran wit her children.  Did I mention she even trains her dogs to even be able to run half marathon distances?). She has run 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, full marathons, 50K’s, a 72 mile marathon with her family that last 12 hours (can you imagine her being your mom saying, “hey, guess what we’re going to do today?” ), stage races and, of course her 100 mile run.  In most of these races, she place between 1st and 4th for her age group.  Now that’s being a rock star!

But Christy is far from that….or at least in her mind.  She is very smart about the way she trains and very humble about the way she presents herself.  She is a go-getter, no doubt, but she is a real person that you see every day on the street who is approachable, yet gutsy, knows her stuff but doesn’t flaunt how fantastic she is (I will do that for her) and is willing to help those who “want” to be runners (me) get started.  She ran a marathon in California the day I ran my half marathon and still had the time to send a message saying “Good Luck” and follow up with me and ask me how it went. On my last leg as I was getting tired and about to not be able to move, a girl I didn’t even know said, “Christy is going to be so proud of you!” and it kept me in the game.  I wanted to make her proud.

And, should I tell you that it only took her about an extra hour past my half marathon time to finish her marathon?  And it wasn’t even her best time.  That woman is a beast. 

I salute her and share my motivation with you.  Even when you are in this profession, we STILL need motivation.  Christy’s mindset (and her legs and her endurance and her shoe collection) are things I constantly reach towards in my pursuit of better fitness and better health.  Who are your inspirations?  Have you thanked them lately?

And, oh, because I am ALWAYS in her business :), one of the things REAL runners seem to be for real about (and I was surprised to find this out) are their SOCKS.  (who knew?) I asked Christy what type of socks she wore and she told me a few but I felt like a rock star when she said Balega and Injinji because I wear those too.  🙂  So we decided to give a pair of each away to one lucky reader.  Here’s how you enter.

1.) Follow F7Wellness and Fitness On The Move on Facebook and leave us a comment saying you did so.
2.) Tell us, if you run, why you run, or if you want to run, what’s your biggest challenge?

I will announce the winner on Monday, January 14, 2013!

Christy, YOU ROCK! Get it, Girl!!!

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9 Responses to A "Get It, Girl!" Moment and Giveaway!

  1. Dana says:

    You know I follow you, but now I follow Fitness On the Move, too. 🙂

    I run because I can! Because I never could growing up, and ended the yearly required mile in walking and crying. I love that I made the decision to get healthy, and followed through with a dream to learn to run. I got to run my first race with my husband and in-laws, a Turkey Trot 5K, and have kept going ever since.

  2. Tasha, you are way too kind! Thank you so much. Love ya, girl!

  3. I started running in college after avoiding it as a kid. Running is hard for me, but every time I finish a run I feel great. That feeling keeps me motivated to push forward towards my fitness goals.

    F7Wellness and Fitness On The Move. . .Liked and liked!

  4. Tasha says:

    Christy, all true, girlfriend! It is my pleasure and honor to share you with the rest of the world! 🙂 Love you back! 🙂

  5. jennifer ramirez says:

    Running has always been my heart. it takes me to a place where no one can tell me anything…literally.I get to hear my own thoughts and be at peace with my choices. I love running and hope someday I will achieve all the goals I have with running. my biggest challenge is always myself. Telling myself to get up or get out, because once im there i never want to go. also learning that running is something I do for me is hard to see when you get wrapped in weight loss or races, or training. I constantly remind myself why I love it and how it helps me when i have no where to go.

  6. Chrissi says:

    I run because I love the feeling when I am done! You feel accomplished every single time you finish, even if it was not a “good run”. Also, you get to see places that you might otherwise never get to see. I have run on beautiful beaches, peaceful lakes, the streets of Paris, and a river in Germany! I’ve also made truly amazing friends in this running journey, and I cannot wait to see what it brings me next!

    I liked Fitness on the Move some time ago, and I now like F7 🙂

    Christy ROCKS! I agree with every single statement in this blog! She certainly inspires me daily! I am blessed to have her as my trainer, and she has changed my world significantly! My biggest challenge is trying to live up to her expectations… and my own. My newest challenge is trail running, and she started my interest in that as well!

    You also ROCK! You are an awesome instructor and motivator… and now runner 😀

  7. I follow F7 Fitness and now I follow Fitness on the move. After reading that I feel like I need to be doing more in my Fit lifestyle. Much more! I was a runner several years ago. Everything was going great till for some reason I developed a pain that would shoot through my second toe on my right foot. Dr said I need some kind of surgery and would have to be off work for a while…..not gonna happen. So, I gave up running and just did more spin and plyo moves. Doing plyo moves I landed wrong and broke my left foot. Big feet = accident waiting to happen. I still do plyo, spin, all kinds of group exercise, weights and walking. I think I need to pick running back up. Every time I see someone running around town, all I can think about was how much stress they must be relieving and how nice it must be to escape everything for a little while. I miss that “me” time. I also miss all the cool and sometimes cheesy t-shits from the 5ks lol. This article has most definitely got the wheels in my head turning! Now to find the time lol. BTW Christy and Tasha, you BOTH ARE BEASTS in my book 🙂
    Ashleigh Chaffin

  8. Anonymous says:

    I can’t follow F7 Fitness or Fitness on the Move on Facebook because I don’t have an account, but they are on my bookmarks list. 🙂

    I started running after college to help me lose that freshman 15 (or 30, right?). I was never athletic when I was young; I couldn’t even touch my toes. Once I got into it though, it was amazing! I’ve struggled with depression in the past, and I found that running really helps to manage my moods and keep me upbeat. The sleep I get the night after a run is some of the best there is to have too. Several months ago, I decided to ramp it up and train for a half-marathon, but the running hasn’t always come easy. I have intermittent but severe pain in my abdomen that is not serious but can be very debilitating. After surgery to help the problem, I am now back on track and back up to four miles. There have been plenty of tears along the way coming back, and I know it is not over but I am determined to do this. For motivation, I remember Fiona Apple’s verse:

    “I am likely to miss the main event
    If I stop to cry or complain again
    So I will keep a deliberate pace
    Let the d***ed breeze dry my face”

    and Tasha’s words from yoga that week. Both are the inspiration I need to keep going and keep getting better. Thank you, Tasha.

    Sarah Bolden

  9. kriscar says:

    I follow the F7 fitness blog because Tasha is my trainer and I’ve got to see what has been going on her life and what she is pushing for us as clients to do– you can usually find motivation on her blog as well. I just liked fitness on the move, so I’ll see what that’s all about!
    And running– well it’s not my favorite thing to do, but I do feel SO much better when I’m finished running–it’s like a weird high or something and when I am in the process of running I am able to space out, and listen to my jams as loud as I want and sweat out the days worries.
    Thanks for always making us think outside the box Tash.