Getting Real With Ourselves: Our Detox Results

“Here’s the story of lovely lady

Who knew how it felt to carry extra weight.
She remembers the frustration of tight pants
And being unable to resist cake.

Here’s the story of twenty one ladies
Who decided that they had had enough.
They were willing to let her shake up the world
They wanted to punch her.  It was rough.”

But they did it.  A lawyer.  A PhD professor.  A stay at home mom.  An engineer.  An HR professional.  A chef.  Someone struggling with MS.  A newlywed.  Someone who couldn’t take the first step alone.  A health professional.  And every other kind of woman mixed in.  They spent twenty one days reviewing their exercise, their cravings, their habits, their life.  One lost five pounds.  One lost ten and a half pounds.  One lost twelve and a half.  And they all gained an extra piece of the puzzle.  They realized their own empowerment.

“I don’t really weight myself but I am a size 16 skirt that I couldn’t button a month ago and can button my 14/16 winter coat that I could barely put my arms through when I bought it a few months ago!  I feel like working out and am enjoying challenging my body.  I know being healthy is about more than food and exercise, it’s about loving me enough to make changes.  The challenge and support of the group helped me learn that.”

“I lost 10.5 pounds.  I’ve learned that I feel best when I eat two servings of spinach (and other leafy greens) at least twice a day.  I now strongly consider what I put into my body.  I no longer feel guilty about eating things that don’t serve me well (candy, white rice, etc.).  I just don’t feel like they’re smart choices and so I don’t desire that stuff as much as before.  Honestly, after the detox, candy, cake, etc. doesn’t taste as good as before.  I guess after the detox, I’m not too eager to “retox.” 🙂  I also learned the importance of HIIT.  It’s nothing like 4-12 minutes of extreme cardio/strength training to get you going through the day  Those challenges were NO JOKE.  I really think that was a major key.  It kept me revved up and curbed my appetite.  It also, in my opinion, allowed me to burn more throughout the day with my regular activities.”

“This challenge got me eating a lot more fruit.  I think that’s going to be a long term change.  Dr.’s office said I had lost 5 lbs.”

“Through the challenge I learned that I am capable of doing even more than I thought I could.  It has caused me to challenge myself even more.  I want to be more successful.  I want to do the exercises better and I want to be healthier.  I have changed my mindset on choices.  I no longer want what I can’t have but focus on what I want for my life and my future,  Everything is about choices and I choose to make the best ones for my future not for my feelings.  I lost 12.4 pounds during the detox, but that’s just the beginning.  I have gained confidence, strength, and the willingness to want to learn and do more.  I have never been so proud of myself during this journey and I appreciate the guidance and support that came along with it.”

“Wow is all I can say.  When I started this journey on December 1st, I was thinking about how long it would be before I gave up.  Not because I didn’t want it but because I had never finished much.  Well, 21 days later, I had lost 7 pounds and about 5 inches between my thighs, arms and abs.  What I learned is that I am mentally stronger that I ever thought, and once I make up my mind, I can do it or anything.  I am no longer a slave to white carbs.  I’m still walking up and down the aisles reading labels, learning, and getting ready to implement a program starting January 1st.”

As a trainer, it was my job to “lead the pack” but I am inspired by the the drive of these ladies and their ability to push through what they thought they could not do.  It was a challenge.  It was a fight.  It was beast.

But we got the victory.  Congratulations!!

New challenge coming in January.  Are you in?

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