Get Give Get After It With A Reebok Shoe Giveaway!

I am really going to another level with combining fitness and giving.  It’s the only way I am going to make it through the holidays.  Yesterday,  I spoke of my struggle to make it through this season without having a melt down.  Today, as I look back over my year, I realize that fitness hasn’t just come to my rescue when the Christmas trees came out.  It’s been there through all of the down periods I’ve experienced in 2012 and helped me rise back up again.

Remember when I did the Warrior Dash? And the Pretty Muddy Run? Oh, and the half marathon?  Yeah.  I signed up for all of those in moments of despair.  The Beat The Juggernaut run too.  I did them all in less than three months.  I decided that my happiness, my fitness, my joy was worth going after and I WENT for it.  The only downfall was that I lost a REALLY good pair of Real Flex Reebok in the Warrior Dash (a small casualty) and my nice black Reebok shirt and pants.  But I digress.  🙂  Reebok was nice enough to give me a new pair and nice clean socks.  All good. 🙂

Reebok has supported me from the very beginning even all the way up to my cool shoes with my name on the back (which has made Reebok a very hot Christmas item around here) and now they are giving YOU the opportunity to GET AFTER IT by giving one lucky winner a free pair of Smooth Flex Run shoes. 

 (Those are NOT the Smooth Flex Run.  Those are my custom shoes.  My pic of the Smooth Flex Run wouldn’t post and I didn’t want to postpone the giveaway so please click the Smooth Flex Run link to see the shoe and all of the fantastic colors!)

Here’s how to enter: (all are optional but each will give you an additional chance to win!)

1.) Leave a comment below and tell me how could use these shoes and #getafterit. What’s your fitness goal for the next year?
2.) Like @f7wellness and @Reebok and leave another comment saying so.
3.) Like F7Wellness and Reebok on Facebook and leave another comment saying so.

4.) Tweet the following comment:  I just entered to win a free pair of @Reebok Smooth Flex Run with @f7wellness at and leave a comment letting me know you tweeted!

Contest will end Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 11:59 CST.  I will announce the winner in my Monday morning blog.

Good luck!  Go out there and get after it! 🙂

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33 Responses to Get Give Get After It With A Reebok Shoe Giveaway!

  1. Althea says:

    I could use these shoes!! I’ve had the same running shoes since 2010 and haven’t been able to afford a fantastic pair. I ran my first 5K race on Thanksgiving and have kept running since. My fitness goals are: 1) to lose 32 pounds, 2)increase my flexibilty via my daily yoga practice, 3) strength train 3x a week, and 4)cardio 3 x a week. The good news is that I already started last week! I get up at 5:30am and hit the ground running!

  2. Althea says:

    I liked @f7wellness and @Reebok on Twitter.

  3. Althea says:

    I Liked F7Wellness and Reebok on Facebook!

  4. Althea says:

    I tweeted your comment, but the link is too long for Twitter. I made it a tiny url:

  5. impinks says:

    Alread follow @F7wellness on Twitter, juts started following @reebok

  6. impinks says:

    Already like F7 Wellness on Facebook, just liked Reebok on Facebook

  7. impinks says:

    I am going on the “Stay Sexy Tour” 2013. I will use these great shoes to keep me looking HAWT all year long!
    #getafterit goals: Run a 5k, eliminate that “butt in the front” that’s trying to sneak up on me, maintian a regular 1x week yoga practice, become part of a local gym group to encourage my fitness.

  8. Megan Kilgore says:

    I will wear these shoes as a reminder that this journey DID begin with just one step! I will see them as a celebration of where I’ve walked from in the past and where I’m headed! #getafterit in 2013: continue to challenge myself to be a better me everyday. I will keep eating better, working out, taking time to be thankful and mindful. #healtyin13

  9. Megan Kilgore says:

    Now following @F7wellness and @reebok on Twitter

  10. Megan Kilgore says:

    like F7 Wellness and Reebok on Facebook

  11. Megan Kilgore says:


  12. Satonya says:

    I’m going to use these shoes to train for my next run and stay in shape. My goal is to run a 10k in two years.

  13. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    These shoes would truely be my new buddies. I plan on running another 1/2 marathon and doing warrior dash again….but i also am putting a new goal up to do Spartan Race in 2013!! I love fitness and have struggled and overcame so much because of people who are like you Tasha. These blogs are inspiring in themselves and to have the shoes would just make me that much more accountable to my goals 🙂

  14. Jennifer Ramirez says:

    I liked F7 wellness on fb and Reebok 🙂

  15. Danielle says:

    I could use these shoes to help me run my first half marathon in February! 🙂 I’ve never been a runner before and having some sweet new shoes would help to keep me motivated during my training.

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  16. Courtney B says:

    i could use these to lose the baby weight that i still have put on- i would use these to jog everyday and go to the gym

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  17. Courtney B says:

    im a twitter follower of both of yours @meandbells

    vanitizebaby at yahoo dot com

  18. Courtney B says:

    fb fan of both courtney b villari

  19. Satonya says:

    I liked F7 wellness and reebok on FB 🙂

  20. Chyna Velour says:

    These shoes would help me on my road to being healthy and physically fit! I recently began walking/running and I know that it is important to have the right footwear. These shoes would be just what I need to continue my journey to loosing 20lbs by July of 2013! I will achieve my weight loss by doing cardio, weight training and eating properly. I hope that I win these shoes because they would be a great asset to my new life style :)I will not stop when I reach my goal of loosing 20lbs, I will continue to live healthy and potentially loose more weight in my quest to take care of my body. #getafterit

  21. Chyna Velour says:

    I liked F7 Wellness and Reebok on FB

  22. Chyna Velour says:

    I followed F7 Wellness and Reebok on Twitter

  23. Chyna Velour says:

    I tweeted my contest entry on twitter.

  24. Abdul Basit says:

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  25. I could use this shoes so I can work on rehabilitating my leg. Regardless of whatever type of work outs I do, I never got my leg back to %100 after my ACL surgery. I lost reflex and balance so my goal for this year is to not only get back to %100 but to surpass that and be in the best shape I’ve ever been.

  26. Jawanna "Keep It Moving" Cook says:

    Let’s see how can these shoes be useful to me? Well, 1st off, they will serve as a reminder of this wonderful opportunity that you have offered me and I have accepted for myself. 2nd, it will treat my feet to some comfort and support during my journey to increase my endurance in running. I have done a walk/run 5K in the past, but dont think I can do what I did back then. My intial goal is to get back to the 5K before moving on to the next level.

  27. Jawanna "Keep It Moving" Cook says:

    I liked F7 Wellness on FB

  28. Jawanna "Keep It Moving" Cook says:

    I liked Reebok on FB

  29. Anonymous says:

    I liked F7 Wellness and Reebok on Facebook. I need new gym shoes. I have to buy new shoes every 3 months for my day to day job because I stand all day. I usually use my old ones as gym shoes. My fitness goals for the year to come is to do more cardio and lift more. That means getting my tail outta my nice comfy bed and sleeping a little less. The only time I can workout without feeling like I am neglecting my family is 5am while they are sleeping. But hey the upside is I am pumped and ready for my day to start and I sleep really well at night because I am wore out lol.
    Ashleigh Chaffin

  30. I really liked your blog, thanks for sharing this useful information……

  31. Tasha says:

    Thanks so much for reading. 🙂