13 Fitness Must Haves For Me in 2013 and Who Won The Shoes?

We are soooo close to the New Year!
I don’t make resolutions.  I make promises.

I have already started revamping my personal workouts and eating plans. And I can tell the difference.  I am a product/equipment/shoe fanatic but I have had to go back to some basics and I have composed my list of MUST HAVE things for me in the fitness world for 2013.

1.) Piloxing.  Yeah. Yeah.  I know you are sick of me talking about it but IT WORKS.  My thighs (although they still need work) look CONSIDERABLY different than they did before I started teaching this class.  Because I teach barefooted (recommended), my feet are stronger (not necessarily prettier), my balance is better and I have TOTALLY become obsessed with the colors black and pink.  Piloxing, because it is an interval class, also helped me train for my half-marathon.  I’m just sayin’.  Get you some.

2.) Dynamax Ball.  I admit.  I was one of those people who only did the “ball up the wall” exercise.  Then I met the beautiful Laura Cisneros, owner of the company, by “accident” at a fitness conference and fell in love.  I changed my schedule, took a few of her workshops and OMG!!! She rocks and so does that ball.  I have even taken a specialty training with the Dynamax Master Trainers.  It is really a versatile piece of equipment great for power, strength and abs.  And, yes, I have a pink and black one. 🙂  I am looking forward to using it more with my clients (who love it) and for my personal workouts).

3.) Weight training.  I had just gotten away from hitting the iron.  Hard.  I don’t do three pound weights.  Weight training has been THE most effective thing EVER in getting my weight down.  I love the feeling of sweating heavily and dropping the weights and having all the guys stare (mostly because I am the only girl in there).  I am also looking forward to doing some more workshops this year to get the ladies excited and unafraid about lifting weights (no, you will NOT bulk up.  I promise.)

4.) Bikram Yoga.  Seriously.  This is the class I LOVE to HATE.  But when I was doing it regularly, I felt fabulous.  It was a war against will.  I knew once those lights came on, I was, well, stuck, for 90 minutes.  I learned discipline.  My digestion improved.  My flexibility increased.  And I did lose some weight.  Mostly, I felt accomplished.

5.) WOD: So, in the past, I have not necessarily been a fan of Cross Fit.  And I am not all the way sold on it now.  But I DO, however, like the concept of doing some workouts of the day, for challenge sake.  I LOVE the Workout Hero WOD app by Store Bought Milk Apps.  Some of the ladies in the December Detox group tried it and LOVE it too. There are videos of folks doing some stuff I would NEVER attempt (at least not in my right mind), like 100 pull ups and then 100 push ups and then some OTHER stuff (I’d be dead).  But I like the demonstration videos and the idea of breaking these down into smaller workouts until I, one day, step into a Cross Fit gym again.  I never say never. 🙂

6.) Drink Chia: I loooooooove this stuff.  It rocks my workout.  I just feel so much energy when I drink it pre-workout.  And it’s good for me.  That’s a long way from those Wild Cherry Pepsi’s I used to drink.

7.) Running.  (Please don’t pass out.) I swore after that half-marathon I would NEVER run again.  But once I get my breathing in check and the lung doctor says I am a o.k. to run outside, I’d like to try (hold your breath) “trail running” (I say that with a whisper) and some running outdoors.  I am looking to push myself.  It’s time to put up or shut up.

8.) Pilates.  I miss it.  This trimmed my waist better than anything.  I miss the control and flow of it.  I feel like I am always rushing.  I want to really focus on my core.  I have my eye on a reformer class.

9.) TRX: I have had my own personal TRX for about three years, since I took the certification.  Ask me how many times I have used it “personally.”  Umm yeah.  I used it today for a leg workout and WOW!!!!!  I have been missing it.  It’s been in my trunk, collecting dust.  I really enjoy the versatility of suspension training and am looking forward to kicking my own butt with it.

10.) Water: I know that seems trivial but until the challenge I held in November, I honestly never really drank water, not even when I taught or worked out.  🙁 That is an EXTREMELY bad habit to have.  I am looking forward to getting to the point where I can drink a gallon of water a day.  I just need to finish it BEFORE 7 p.m. because those late night bathroom trips interfere with my beauty sleep.  🙂

11.) Jump rope: I loved jumping rope as a child and not only does it bring back good memories, it is an awesome cross training cardio tool.  It’s small.  It’s inexpensive.  It kicks your butt.

12.) More veggies.  Yes, even as a vegan, I can do better.  I want to the class nerd who always go above the requirements.  🙂  That involves being more creative, taking more risks and cooking more.  I am prepared to amp up my food game!

13.) A positive attitude.  That may include separating myself from certain people and groups, spending more time with others, sleeping more, tweeting less and really focusing on putting my best into the atmosphere.  There can be no fit body with an unfit mind.

And, as for the lucky winner of the Reebox Smooth Flex Run, it is:

Congratulations!  You have 48 hours to contact me at f7wellness@gmail.com with your information or another winner will be picked.

What are your fitness must haves for 2013?

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