Can I Get A Refill….On Those Shower Pills?

Yeah, I’m that girl.  The crazy one.

Long before my kids get out of bed and ready for school (and that’s every morning), Wednesday morning is my “do or die” day.  I have to plan strategically or something is going to go wrong.  I’m a trainer and I am used to training clients.  No problem.  I am a fitness instructor and I am used to training clients.  No problem.  I eat a plant based diet and I am used to starving if I don’t pack my food.  No problem. Used to going to church?  No problem. Training double digit clients, teaching two classes, eating on the go, picking up kids, getting to church on time AND not being able to take a shower and freshen up?


Don’t get me wrong.  I am used to running around the mall (and my kids’ school and getting a pedicure and the book store) with the best of them smelling like Piloxing. 🙂 But, seriously, sometimes, it’s a little too much for me.  I am SO SO thankful (I mean REALLY thankful) that I found the ShowerPill, affectionately known as “THE athletic body wipe.”  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I loooove me some hot water.  But since I can’t carry a shower in my Toyota, these little things have been a blessing to keep in my gym bag.

The wipe is NOT just some “thing” that covers up the stink, leaves you smelling like a cheap bouquet and sends you on your way.  The wipe contains aloe vera AND vitamin E, kills 99.9% of all germs (because we know how “clean” working out can be, right?) and dries quickly (like when you are in a bathroom stall in between clients).  The wipe is big enough for you to be able to wipe a part of the body thoroughly (for at least 30 seconds) and then you can flip over to another side for another body part.  Now, there “is” a light fragrance to it but it wasn’t overwhelming and I was more pleased by the fact that there were no parabens AND it was alcohol free (my skin is dry enough) AND I could go back out into society feeling clean so I could get through the rest of my 15 hour day.  If you are a person who has to be on the go (not just an athlete but ANYONE who may need an extra clean “pick me up” during the day), I would recommend these.

And, because I am so nice (and so are the people at Shower Pill), they are offering an awesome Black Friday deal (I know some of you will be shopping!) where you can get two boxes and then get the third one FREE!  If you or anybody you know is getting ready to kick their fitness program into high gear for the new year and you may be working out during lunch or times where you may have to make a function and need to freshen up a bit, you may want to load up.  2013 = no excuses.  This sale will take place on Amazon.  Put three boxes in your cart and then enter the code SPFRIDAY to get the third box free.

Although I was given samples of this product to try, I was not compensated for this post.  All opinions are of my own.  I will be right there with you on 11/23 buying some as well…..unless you want to buy some for me.  It will be my 10th wedding anniversary.  🙂

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