A Fit Girl’s Christmas List

I am really blessed.  My clients and students are really generous with me at Christmas time.  I have had my share of Moscato, gourmet hot chocolate, cookies, massages,  pretty handmade scarves and gift cards.  I started thinking.  If “I” were buying for a fitness girl like myself, what would I buy?  How could I totally rock someone’s world who lived the lifestyle I live?  Now, seriously, I have enjoyed EVERY DROP of wine and hot chocolate, delightful trail mix and Peppermint Mochas via my Starbucks gift cards.  🙂  But if I had to ask Santa for something special (because I REALLY have been a good girl this year), this would be my list.

1.) Amazon Gift Cards: O.K., people don’t really know that I have an addiction to BOOKS.  I LOVE to read but I don’t have time.  I download books into my Kindle and read them while I am doing my cardio.  I am thinking I might need to start downloading audio books too since I drive a lot.  I also buy most of my vitamins/supplements from Amazon.  Who has time to go shopping with MY schedule?  And did I mention I LOVE books?

2.) Oolong tea from Teavana or Art of Tea. Yeah.  Seriously.  Any kind.  I love tea and I need something hot CONSTANTLY because I am always cold and on the go a lot.  I tend to have quite a few stomach problems and oolong helps my energy, metabolism and digestion.  And it tastes good.  🙂

3.) A VERY LARGE lunch bag/cooler.  I am guilty of skipping meals.  I need something that will help me transport my meals ALL DAY.  Six Pack Bags has a really cool system I am thinking about buying.  But I am waiting on Santa to see what he is going to do.  Maybe if I exchange free personal training sessions?

4.) Sports bras, fitness capris and sleeveless, breathable tanks.  I have to change clothes, sometimes, three times a day.  I am ALWAYS running out of clothes.  And I have to throw some clothes away after a while because I mean, seriously, how many Piloxing classes can one shirt stand? 🙂  I just recently bought some capris from Reebok on sale and I can’t WAIT to get those. 

5.) A new pair of running shoes.  Even though I do have a pair (ran my 1/2 marathon in them), I still need a pair to alternate in (that’s when you know your status has changed, when you start “alternating” shoes).  I heard the Mizuno Wave Rider 16 is a sweet shoe.  We’ll see. 🙂

6.) ITunes Gift Cards.  As a person who has to download A LOT of music, these ALWAYS come in handy.  Most of my music is for work but every now and then, I like to have something for my own listening pleasure.  My latest downloads would include Miguel, Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera. 

7.) Yurbuds: While training for the half, I got used to not listening to music but I sort of miss belting out “Billie Jean” while attacking the elliptical.  Because I have children who lose headphones often (and Ipods too), I have a thousand pair of headphones that I can’t find. 

8.) Origins Matcha Bath Soak: Most nights I am a lucky to get in a ten minute shower let alone a thirty minute bath. This stuff costs a million dollars but it is my favorite bath soak EVER.  I am sore A LOT and I like to be able to unwind after being at the gym all day and just relax.

9.) Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s Gift Cards: Mostly because I am a food snob, I like what I like and that’s that.  🙂

10.) For my family and friends to understand how valuable they are to me and realize that health is something we should not take for granted.  I have spent countless hours reaching out this year, trying to get people involved in their own care.  Sometimes it feels like a lost cause.  I don’t need anything else on my list if Santa would just give me the strength to keep up this crusade.  

Please, Santa.  I’m begging you. 

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