21 Days To Thanksgiving Challenge…Who’s In?

It’s that time of year where we don’t just fall off the wagon.  We JUMP off of it with much glee and excitement.  The Halloween candy is plentiful and so are office parties, fruit cakes, wine selections and  reasons not to workout.  I am not just challenging you but challenging myself to take “it” up a notch instead of having to change a notch in my belt to get ready for 2013.  I like to beat the rush.  Are you ready?

Remember, this is for 21 days.  You can do anything for three weeks.  Challenge yourself.

1-plank a day (if you want to see your progress, keep track of your times)
2-5 minute silent breaks a day (no Facebook, Twitter, telephone, texting) to reflect or pray.
3-10 minutes segment of exercise a day or at least one segment of 30 minutes of exercise a day.
4- 20 oz. bottles of water a day minimum
5-5 things you are grateful for to be written down daily
6-hours of sleep minimum
7- servings of fruits and vegetables a day minimum

If you are going to participate in the challenge, please just tag me on Facebook and let me know, comment here, leave a comment on the F7 Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and use the hashtag #f7challenge.  We start next Thursday, November 1st!

Invite your friends!
Let’s go!!! 🙂

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