The Labor of Pushing: Go When The Rest of You Says "No"

It’s Labor Day and I am now in Starbucks eating my oatmeal and drinking my soy skinny mocha.  My glutes are on fire, the gash I “earned” on Saturday (I’ll tell you tomorrow) is still hurting and my hamstrings are sore, despite an hour long massage yesterday and a ten minute hydro massage this morning.  However, I got up at 7:30 a.m. (which, in my world, that’s like sleeping until noon) while everyone in my house was still in the bed, went out into the rain and, yep, headed to the gym.  I don’t know if I am insane, delirious from the pain or just determined to get past these obstacles.  I realize I have taken waaaaay too many days off from really going towards my goals.  I work a lot of days to help other people reach THEIR goals but, today, today was about me learning to get up and go when I had the option to do nothing.  It’s my day off.

I headed into the gym and did the following workout:
(Disclaimer: I do not list my weight because you shouldn’t necessarily be doing the same amount of weight as me and, if I list it, someone who shouldn’t be doing it will try it.  If you are unfamiliar with proper form, please seek professional assistance.  This is my own personal workout.  Perform it at your own risk.)

3 minutes elliptical
Weight Squats (15)
Superset with Deadlifts (15)
X 4

3 minute elliptical
Leg Press (15)
Superset with Leg extensions (15)

3 minute elliptical
Inner thigh machine 4  x 15
Outer thigh machine 4 x 15

3 minute elliptical

I call this the “injured reserved” workout because I had to work around my wound.  But I am feeling it.  Piloxing yesterday, adventure race Saturday, epsom salt immediately after I leave Starbucks. 🙂

It IS hard to go into the gym when it’s dreary and early and when you seem to spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT in one.  Believe me, I was calling my own self crazy this morning.   Here are a few tips that help me push past my own resistance and get moving when I want to say no:

  • Change your workout locations up.  Sometimes I just need a change of scenery AND it is super hard to work out where I work sometimes because people are talking to me and I am talking to them.  I choose to do my personal workouts at a gym where I am less popular. 🙂
  • Do it before your phone starts ringing.  Chances are no one is going to call you first thing in the morning for a favor.  Before you are tempted with offers to do other things (especially in the holidays), get out and get your workout done.  
  • Keep your workout clothes simple.  Put on something you can just grab.  If you have to search for things, iron things, put things together that highlight your eye and hair color, you will have more time to talk yourself out of it.  When you don’t want to go to the gym, time is NOT on your side.  Slap on a hat and the first workout clothes you see and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!
  • Grab a snack you can eat on the way to your workout.  Again, stalling, looking for food and trying to calculate points, protein and fat grams will keep you stuck. ALWAYS be prepared with this knowledge.  This is not the time to start thinking about what food combinations go well together and what you need to buy on your next trip to Costco.  GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!
  • Know that this step puts you that much closer to where you ultimately want to be.  EVERY STEP counts.  When you learn to push on the hard days, the sunny, energetic days are a breeze.
As for me,  I am headed home now, if I can move.  I saw my pastor in here a few minutes ago.  I should have had him pray over me.  It might be a long drive home. 🙂
Happy Labor Day! Make your work count! 

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4 Responses to The Labor of Pushing: Go When The Rest of You Says "No"

  1. fanciepants says:

    get it, girl! and know that your pastor probably did pray for you. you are an inspiration. love you lots. <3

  2. Tasha says:

    Thanks, Fancie! I’m sure he did because I can walk. 🙂 (((((HUGS)))))

  3. Appreciation for great content. I’m certainly glad I had taken the time to learn this.

  4. Tasha says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Rhonda! Learning is definitely a part of growing!