Fighting To Stay Fit: The Beginning of Autumn

It’s getting cold outside in the morning. (Yeah, I know that’s a beach picture.  Let me hold on for as long as I can, please.)

For some, that is nature’s way of welcoming them to football, chili and better running conditions.  For me, it’s been the battle of mind and body, memories verses will, warm sheets verses clients waiting at the gym.  I have a love/hate relationship with the fall season.  I’ve always seem to struggle with my hair (and this season started out with a haircut that I don’t like), my weight (both of my children were born in fall, chocolate miniatures, specifically the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups always came out in fall, got on that “I’m a newlywed and he loves me” diet in fall), and my emotional health (my dad’s illness when I was a teenager, which changed my life, happened in fall, I started having seizures in fall, my son Jordan’s birthday would have been in fall, Miles died in fall, I started going through a divorce in fall and a few other unmentionables).  The cool air brings all of that back to the forefront of my mind.  Sometimes it feels really heavy and I want to lay out on the couch and eat french fries, peanut butter and jelly and drink orange juice in my pajamas and never leave the house again. But I know that those seasons have all brought me to this season.  And, in this season, I am choosing to be proactive in my mental and physical fitness to stay afloat. 

The FIRST thing I did was connect with a counselor.

I know.  I know.  I am a holistic health coach AND I have a Master’s degree in counseling.  I have all of that education and enough sense to know when I need help.  When you are a person who constantly pours into other people, you have to have a safe outlet in order to build up the strength to do so AND stay sane.  Going to counseling has NOTHING to do with lack of faith (which I have been told a time or two but that’s another post) and it has NOTHING to do with being crazy (which is one of the craziest things I have ever heard).  It has to do with being able to have another point of view.  The BEST coaches have coaches.  You cannot learn and become better by always being the teacher.

The SECOND thing is to up my workout game.

Again, I spend a lot of time pouring into people.  Teaching and training is what I do and I love it.  Lately, I have been giving away all of my free time trying to reach people who may or may not invest in themselves after I have left.  I am then left with no time to do what I need to do for ME.  I am ready to FINALLY get into the shape I have always wanted to achieve.  And working out keeps me busy AND makes me feel better.  Looking better is just one of those side effects that I am happy to have.

The THIRD thing is to protect my space from people who want to take me THERE.

(I’ll just leave that.)

I cannot run from the memories.  Sometimes they are so deep, I fall to my knees and feel like I can’t get up.  The darkness is hard for me.  I have even wondered if I have seasonal affective disorder.  Yet, I am determined to go forward from here because, well, there may be some really good vegan chili that I have missed out on and some really good tricep exercises that I have not explored yet and a really cool flip I can do with this 1/8 inch of hair I have on my head.  🙂  It’s all about perspective.

Here are my tips for you to stay fit this fall:

  • Think about your workout habits from the summer and make the appropriate shift.  If you have been doing all outdoor activities or summer like activities and the season is now over for them, what can you do indoors (or even outdoors if that is your thing) that will keep you active? 
  • If the morning darkness is a problem for you, change your workout time to lunch or after work. Some people just cannot find their way out of the bed when it’s dark outside. Can you find a time during the day to get even a short workout in before the moon shows up?
  • Have manners but say “no” to the munchies.  This time of year, little Halloween candies will start showing up at your office.  It’s not rude to say “no” if you are polite about it.  You don’t have to give a thirty minute speech about how the high fructose corns syrup is going to kill them all and you will end up with all of the work.  Just say “no, thank you.”  And, of course, the same people will come around with sweet potato pies and fruit cakes for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  If you were like us at my old office, someone might show up with a smoked Turkey….but that’s another blog post.  🙂
  • Notice if you are more moody than normal.  If the seasonal shift has you feeling less than your sensational self or if you are. in general, feeling off balance, consider talking to a counselor or spiritual advisor.  September is National Suicide Prevention Month for the Army but all of us should take our emotional care very seriously.  Two years ago, my son lost a friend to suicide.  She was twelve.  Just last week, his classmate lost his dad to it.  My son is only fourteen.  We are entering the holiday season which is when most suicides occur.  

Be good to yourself.
Put on a jacket.
Do some extra push-ups.

And Rooooollllllllll Tide!!!  🙂

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