Warrior Week: Going Through The Mud

I am so not the girly type.

But there ARE some things I just DON’T like….and MUD is one of them.  As I get closer and closer to this Warrior Dash, I keep thinking, “did I REALLY just sign up to run or even CRAWL through some mud?”  I dislike mud like I dislike pain or having to get up early on my off day or realizing that my kale went bad.  The only reason why I could POSSIBLY see myself going through some mud is, well, my life depended on it.

And it has so many times.  And that’s why I keep running, walking and sometimes crawling through it.

See, it hasn’t been THAT long ago when my life was a complete mess.  I played everything “comfortably.”  I only took steps that would keep me close to home, no risks, no chances, holding on to the rail, on stepping as far as I could see, whatever came naturally.  And I mean that in my fitness life.  I LOVE Zumba.  I had no business letting that be the only thing I taught.  While choreographing constantly was a challenge, I have choreographing dances since I was nine years old.  That wasn’t really out of my comfort zone.  I LOVE squats.  It should have never been the only leg exercise I would do.  I LOVE yoga.  It should have never been the only class I attended when I wasn’t working.  I never lost any weight (and I was teaching a bunch of classes a week and maintaining a fairly healthy vegan diet) and I wasn’t getting any stronger.  I wasn’t WILLING to challenge myself to get to the other side.  That meant possibly failing, not being as good as I was at other stuff.  It meant getting dirty.

And I don’t like mud.

I remember what it was like when I first started trying to work out seriously.  If the exercise even remotely felt “heavy” I would back off.  I stayed on the same weight training program with the same weights for SIX MONTHS (which I do NOT recommend).  I lost weight because I was consistent and had a very good diet but I stop getting stronger.  What I was doing was going through the motions.  There was some STUFF I was going to have to weave my way through (physically and psychologically) and the price was just too high.  Because I chose my preferences over my progress.  I was more concerned about staying on this side of what I knew instead of going all out and deciding to take a chance and venture out through the obstacles that lie before me.  I wasn’t covered in mud.  Just regret.

The mud isn’t going anywhere and if there is something on the other side waiting for you, one has to become more important than the other.  I got tired of sitting back contemplating how I was going to get the mud off.  The truth is when I rinsed it off, I just felt stronger.  I earned that dirt and in it, I left all of the thoughts of what I thought I couldn’t do.

I will do the same thing again this weekend.

If you are looking for a way to get back in the game and you are not quite ready for the Warrior Dash, check out my piece on “Five Classes To Get You Back In The Game” on The FitFluential Blog this morning.  

There is room for you in the mud.

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