Warrior Week: "Deadman Drop" Equals Woman’s Rise To Life

Are these Warrior Dash people nuts?
I mean, really, who invented this stuff?

Were they all just sitting around thinking, “Wow, we know Tasha talks a good game and she thinks 3 miles is nothing but she is going to WORK for our t-shirt!  And she’s going to face some of her biggest fears: WATER and FALLING!”  I can just see them hi-fiving each other.  This is so unfair.  Why are my fears their issue?  Wasn’t me taking swim lessons enough?  Now you want me to swim while muddy in some muddy water?


AND do the “Deadman Drop?”  I don’t even know what that is but since I enjoy living and would like to make it back home Sunday afternoon to take my daughter to a birthday party, I think I should just not do that one.

And risk losing my life by choosing not to do it.

We are so quick to “baby ourselves” when we need discipline and a reasonable mind. I am not an out of shape individual.  I know how to brace myself.  Yet, the FIRST inclination of something that scares me makes me pull out every injury I EVER had, including the shin splits and hamstring injury that haven’t bothered me since high school.  (And I’ve been out for a few years.)  I started thinking about my knee that I had surgery on (which NEVER bothers me when I dance salsa in heels for three and four hours or teach my classes) or the tendinitis in my Achilles or my stiff left hip.  

The truth is the things that don’t stop us from doing what we WANT to do only stop us when it’s convenient.  Fear is convenient.  Laziness is convenient.  Using laziness as a cover-up for fear is common.  So, I have to drop from something.  It could be twenty feet.   It could be twelve.  I have already made it up in my mind that I am going to “die” because, well, it’s called “Deadman’s Drop.”  Or I could finally let all of those excuses and doubt die within in me and drop into my new life and mindset and keep running towards what I ultimately want….better health.   I don’t care if it took me three hours to finish that race.  I am GOING to finish.  The “refresh” button on my life depends on it.

What do you need to drop into or drop out of to rise into the next phase of your journey?  Will you let fear keep you from letting go of your perceived safety net or are you willing to just take the chance?  You can’t get to where you need to be if you won’t let go of where you are.

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