The Grimy Girl Get Together: My Muddy Homecoming

Sooooo……..I’m coming home.  Yes, to Chicago.  For one day.  In two weeks.   And I want a party.  And I want all of my homegirls to come.  But I don’t want you to dress up.  I actually want you to show up in your old tennis shoes and some workout clothes you don’t mind getting dirty; more specifically muddy.  Consider this a “Girls Gone Grimy” get together.  For a good cause, of course.  🙂

On Saturday, September 15th, I will be in Chi-Town to participate in the Pretty Muddy Women’s Run (sorry, guys.  It’s is for women only but you can come cheer us on!) The Pretty Muddy is a 5K (3.1 miles) obstacle course filled with mud (yay!) that is NOT timed.  This means it is for EVERYONE (even you “non-runners”) to come out and challenge yourselves and have a GREAT time with family and friends doing something that is good for your health.  And, we get bragging rights by doing this race in the Chi because it is the FIRST one of 2012.  The other ones this year are in Columbus, OH, Richmond, VA, and Jacksonville, Tampa and Miami (all in Florida).

The Pretty Muddy Run invests back into the community.  When (not if) you register, you can identify an organization you would like to give back to and then set up a chain for your friends to join and then part of their registration goes to that organization.  It’s actually a very cool thing all around. 

Of course, even with the “logistics”, if you know me, you know this is waaay bigger than “just a race.”  Fitness and health are now my life and Chicago will always be a part of my life and this is the first time I have had the opportunity to merge the two.  This is our chance, together, to synchronize spirits (and water breaks) and motivate/inspire each other face and face and give each other that “homegirl” push to keep the spirit of health and wellness going in our families and communities.  I am over the top excited about seeing you all and making this day about fun, fitness and fellowship.

I have created a team called “Girls Gone Grimy.”  We will run the 8:15 a.m. heat.  Go ahead and register now and then give me a Facebook or Twitter shout out and let me know you are on board!  And, for an extra bonus, because I really want you to join me, use the code “FitFluentialPM12” for $10 off your registration.  You may pass that code along to any of your friends/family who want to run as well!

Ladies, I am sooooo excited I can’t think!!!  I have already purchased my plane ticket and I am ready to go!!!

Are you in?

(*FitFluential LLC compensated me for this Campaign.  All opinions are my own.)

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