My Inspiration to #FindGreatness and The F7 Workout

Twice in one day, I was told I not only LOOKED like Carmelita Jeter but I reminded people of Carmelita Jeter.

Yeah, I laughed too.  At first.

Truth is, somewhere around Sunday, I became obsessed with this woman.  I saw a brief interview about her while I was typing up an article and something about her just, well, struck me.  I still don’t know what it is.  I saw her body…her AMAZING body.  It made me sad that others were commenting how “manly” she looked.  To me, she looked like one fierce, strong, fit woman.  And I realized that even without her speed, I wanted a spirit like hers.  It takes a lot to be a competitor and even MORE to be a champion.  Here she was not that younger than me, in the Olympics, looking like a machine and I was sitting on the couch thinking about all of the things I couldn’t do.  And I never wanted to have those thoughts again.

On August 12th, Nike is encouraging people to go BEYOND what they think they could do.  I am notorious for making goals and then negotiating with myself as to why they need to be amended.  It’s just fear.  But I was thinking, “what would Carmelita do??  When faced with mindless chatter when she is ALREADY on the starting block, what would Carmelita say?


100 Squats
100 Push-Ups
100 Lunges
100 Deadlifts
100 Mountain Climbers (or 50 Mountain Climbers/50 Burpees)
100 Rows
100 Crunches

Wanna join me? Don’t forget to sign up for the contest!

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