What The ?!?!?!?

I did keep my word about not getting on the scale for sixty days.  On the morning of my birthday, as promised, with the anticipation of the end of the world, I stepped on the scale. Every since I got back from Miami, my body hasn’t been right.  I haven’t been hungry.  I’ve missed a few classes because of that vacation and the holiday.  It’s been hot.  I’ve been tired.  I haven’t slept well.  My digestion has been off.  I have done too much running around.  I’m stressed. And ALL of these conversations occurred in the time span of me opening up the closet door and pulling out the scale.  I took a big girl breath (I mean, I had just turned 37) and got on the scale.  No real change.  But I started thinking.  And hard.  I needed to lose ten pounds to be where I wanted to be.  I put the scale up and got dressed.  Off to boot camp I went.  My body anyway.  My mind was stuck.  Why did I do that?

Every since that day, I have been having this on and off affair with the scale like I did before.  Did I not learn ANYTHING? I was burning up the Arc Trainer on Monday and eating lightly (but well) and feeling good about my jump start into my goals.  And then it happened.

I hopped my happy butt on the scale this morning, looking for validation and what in the ??????? I had gained two pounds. Are you serious?  Was this some type of joke?  It was 5:00 a.m. and too early to scream and throw a tantrum but I wanted to throw my tennis shoe across the bathroom.  But WHY was I mad? Truthfully, I know when I do too much cardio, I swell up.  I had not used the bathroom (T.M.I.) and I KNOW that the scale is not a true representation of my progress.  But I did it anyway.  What the ???????

Do you do that too?

I felt like I had just stuck a dagger in my own heart.  I was doing well and I let a piece of tin kill my joy.  Let me let you in on a little secret: THAT THING HAS NO POWER BUT WHAT YOU GIVE IT!!!!!!!!  And I am putting my power in this new pair of running shoes I bought because I am on a mission and I don’t hardly have time to entertain such thoughts.  I am going to keep up with my Vega Protein and products (that I need to order.  I would have time to do that if I stayed off that scale). I am going to keep my excuses to a minimum, my need for validation low (did that thing not say I burned 711 calories the other morning?) and my head on straight because I define my own journey and how I feel about it and myself. 

Are you addicted to the scale?  What will it take for you to step away? 

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