What Are YOUR Fitness Goals?

And I don’t mean like….well, I want abs like Beyonce and a butt like J.Lo.  Unless they are your long lost sisters and that D.N.A. is embedded in you somewhere, you will NEVER look exactly like them.  I know what some of you all are thinking, “Well, if I had that kind of money for a trainer, a chef and people cleaned my house and took care of my kids so I could work out, I would have a body like that too.”  That would be another NO.  Not if you took your same mindset.  Let’s put it like this.  Oprah has more money than both of them put together.  Case closed.

So when it comes to you AND me, why are we so afraid to step up to the plate?  We are not necessarily afraid to say what we want.  We are just afraid to say it out loud.  It isn’t always laziness. Sometimes it’s fear of failure.  Sometimes we just don’t speak up because we don’t want anyone to know we had the AUDACITY to believe we could accomplish something that seemed so major.  But WE are major.  Our HEALTH is major.  And believing in our ability to change our OWN life is MAJOR.  And that’s the talk I had with myself this weekend for the millionth time.  What’s going to happen if I fail?  The answer was simply, “I’ll get back up and try again.”  But I have to start first.  And that’s what I am doing.

I want to lose ten pounds.  
I want to start back to running three times a week.  I want to complete a half marathon and a full marathon. 
I want to learn how to swim. 
I want to get rid of this lower ab belly fat FOR GOOD.

Those are my top four.  (You can see my Fitness Bucket List here on Pinterest.  I am still adding.)  And I am going to do ALL of it.  And I am looking at this journey, one day at a time. 

Two exciting things happened that made me realize big time how not only I needed to step up my game but that my voice was important in the fitness community and I wanted to walk my talk a little taller.  I am no fraud and I get it in (I don’t post every time I do a set of push-ups) but if I am going to represent on a bigger scale then I need to get bigger with my dreams and my pursuit of what I really want.  The first thing is that I was recently named a FitFluential Ambassador. FitFluential has a very strong presence in the social media world and we are a group of fitness lovers, achievers and strivers (is that a word?) who are out there trying to make a difference and motivate people by the lives we LIVE, not PORTRAY.

The other exciting news is that I am one step closer to becoming a Master Trainer for Piloxing.  This is SO MAJOR.  If you know me, you know I LOVE Piloxing and have been a fan every since I took my first class over two years ago.  I have taken Piloxing in four states!!!!  I auditioned last year and did not get this far along in the process.  I still need some work but because God has blessed me to even be able to get here, then I KNOW it is time for me to STOP BEING SCARY.  I’m ready to get it in (that’s my favorite saying if you don’t know that yet).  I want to take other classes, cross train my body, keep finding new innovative ways to reach out to people and lock arms for this journey.  Definitely not legs though.  Man, am I sore!!!!  🙂

So, Team, talk to me. Step out there!  What are your goals?

With love and gratitude,

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