Start Now Not Over

It’s Monday and I don’t want you to think about starting over.
I want you to think about digging through the mistakes, the missteps, the failed attempts.  I want you to retrace your steps and think about starting where you are.

I don’t want you to go out and buy a new journal.
I want you to get your old journal and read through your entries.  Get a feel for what kept you in the game then, what motivated you to even write the stuff down.  What type of food were you eating?  Were you satisfied?  Why did you quit?  Start where you are.

I don’t want you to Google one more infomercial.  You’ve tried Zumba.  You’ve tried the Shake Weight.  You’ve tried juicing.  You’ve tried the Brazilian Butt Lift.  You’ve tried Montel’s machine.  All of that stuff is in your garage.  It’s not that they didn’t work.  You didn’t.  I want you to make a decision.  You don’t have to buy ONE MORE THING.  You have to buy into the fact that this is your life and you either want to make it better or not.

Health is not a spectator sport, by any means.  It seems as if we have all the time in the world to get it “right” until someone we know or know about drops dead at a super early age from something we think only attacks “old people.”  Health isn’t necessarily about running marathons and inhaling kale by the pound.  It is about discovering what works for you and then working inside of that.  Outside of that are the issue we face with obesity and health related illnesses.

I know, being “big boned” works for some.  Does it?  I thought so too until the day my two year old son ran out into a normally busy parking lot and I was too big to catch him.  Yes, I am thankful that he was not hit by a car.  I am also thankful that it didn’t take me but a couple of seconds to realize that it would NO LONGER work for me.  I know fried chicken is a staple at your family gatherings.  Mine too.  Then I realized I could just say “no.”  Diabetes and high pressure runs in your family.  Mine too.  And I want to stop it dead in its tracks.  I cannot understand how that would “work” for someone.

What “works” for us is FEAR.  We are so afraid of “failure” or having to do something we don’t like.  I will be the FIRST to tell you that I have NEVER tasted ANY tofu dish (or any other vegan dish) that tastes like Harold’s Chicken or Giordano’s.  And once I stopped fixating on trying to “replace” my former lifestyle and embrace what I was now walking into, everything became easier.  Trying to live on both sides of the fence keeps us “starting over.”  Acknowledge where you are mentally and physically and start where you are.

Today is MONDAY.  Next week, Monday will come again.  Give yourself the gift of not having to face this day with dread every week because you spent the weekend relying on this day to come so you can feel guilty about everything you did the past few days and repent.  Don’t kid yourself.  I just read that most heart attacks (in women) occur between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.  I also just read they often occur on Mondays (although I couldn’t click the link to verify it).  IF this were true, while you’re planning to “start over”, your life could be in danger.

Start now.  Start now.  Start now.

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