Run #2 and Vega’s Pre Workout Energizer

Today, I took the Brooks Pure Flow running shoes out for another test drive.

It’s so funny (well, not really) that I found myself giving reasons as to why I should NOT have run.  The truth is I WAS tired and I DO have a tight left hamstring.  I HAVE been battling a headache.  But most of it is a reserved pile of excuses and my excuses are rooted in fear.  This week, I have realized how much I talk myself out of stuff because I am AFRAID I am not going to be able to do it.  If I want to run four miles, right around two miles, I’ll start to feel EVERY INJURY I HAVE EVER HAD since high school (and, for the record, I didn’t just graduate last year).  I’ll start to have internal conversations about what else I should be spending my time doing, why I needed to just aim for maybe two and a half, why I should change my choice of clothes because I am feeling uncomfortable, etc.  Today, I didn’t set a mile goal.  I just wanted to run.  I wanted a better feel of the shoes.  I wanted my headache to go away.  I need to get these extra pounds off.  I wanted to conquer my excuses/fear.  I wanted to watch another episode of Scandal. (yeah, I know I am so late.) And I wanted to try out the Pre Workout Energizer made by Vega.

Let me FIRST say (and if you know me, you know this to be true), I REALLY dislike “products.”  I think most of them are hype and the easy way out.  I prefer FOOD over all other things.  I have, however, felt like perhaps I have been a little “rigid” in my thinking and my approach.  Everyone doesn’t think or live like me.  I cannot give honest answers to my clients because I have no idea what’s out there.  And, there are days that I have to make the decision between a protein shake before work or starving.  I have decided to search for the highest quality products I can find with quality and integrity and integrate into my lifestyle.  I am NOT converting over to a complete product junkie who only drink shakes. bars and powders and never touches real WHOLE food but I believe there is a medium and balance for each individual.

With that being said, I mixed a serving of the Pre Workout Energizer with my water about twenty minutes before I got ready to run.  The first thing that happened was I got a headache.  This is not a BAD thing.  That is just my body’s reaction to a “kick.” The headache just lasted for a minute.  By the time, I got on the treadmill, I was ready to go.  I ran a 5K and I felt great.  Of course, because the shoes are minimal, my body is still getting adjusted and I am sore in places I am usually not sore (a good thing) but my MIND stayed on task (even when my IPad messed up and my episode of  Scandal shut off.)  I find when I run, my mind is ALL OVER THE PLACE.  I felt like I was centered more.  The Pre-Workout Energizer (I have the Acai Berry flavor which tastes pretty good) advertises an increase in energy, endurance and mental focus.  I would have to say I felt that WITHOUT feeling like I had drank 20 cups of coffee.  I didn’t feel jittery.  I felt very evened out.  I was just ready to go and get my run on!

The product has coconut seed oil, kombucha, yerba mate, devil’s claw, green tea, rhodiola, ginseng, turmeric (which I take EVERY DAY to help with my joints..look it up) and ginger.  The sweeteners are all natural and 12 grams per serving (I am not all that thrilled about that but I NEVER complained when I was eating Reese Cups all day so……)  One scoop is about 70 calories. 

All in all, today was a good day with both products.  I was paying more attention to my run and I was actually PRESENT in my body during my run.  Combined with the fact that I restarted my swim lessons yesterday (Go, Me!!!), I am feeling pretty good about my direction.

What about you?  What did you do today?  What steps did you make towards your fitness goals this week?

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