Celebrate With Us: In Memory of Miles (Zumba Fundraiser)

God turned my life around when Miles died in a car accident on December 10, 2011.

I’ve experienced every emotion under the sun.  And, after fighting and protesting and crying and screaming and tantrums and pleading, I have found that celebrating who Miles was and continue to weave that spirit into the world is the best way I could honor his spirit and handle my pain.

Miles’ parents, Rosalyn and Derrick Blackwell, have started the Miles Blackwell Foundation with Miles’ college fund.   Without the need of broadcasting each move and the showing of picture, what the foundation has done is nothing short of amazing.  The entities of the foundation include the 4Miles Kindness where people right here in our community are assisted in their immediate needs (and there have been some major movements and moments already).  The other entity is a scholarship fund that will provide scholarships to students coming out of Athens High School where Miles attended.  There will be a larger number of scholarships for the year 2013 as that is Miles’ graduating class.

I am but a small person in all of this.  Yet I ask you to help me help the foundation not only raise money but come together on August 25th (Miles’ birthday) and celebrate his life and what his life meant and will mean forever by those of us who had the pleasure and privilege of knowing him personally and the effect that will have on the world.  We will gather at the University Fitness Center on the campus of University of Alabama at Huntsville on this day at 11:00 a.m. for a Zumba good time (because Miles loved to have a good time).  The suggested donation is $10.00.

This will NOT be a sad occasion.  If you knew Miles or anything about him then you know he wouldn’t be having that.  We are here to celebrate, raise money for a great cause and gather to love on each other and continually spread love throughout our communities. 

If you are unable to attend and would still like to contribute, you may send donations to:
The Miles Blackwell Foundation
P.O. Box 11711
Huntsville, AL 35814
Love you, Miles.

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