The Whole Is Greater…..

I am sure some holistic superstar passed out when they read that, I, Ms. Vegan Fitness Incorporated was somewhere sleeping late and drinking coconut Ciroc.  (Did I mention the overload on Starbucks, white pasta AND white bread, red wine, margaritas, clubbing until the wee hours of the morning and going to the beach WITHOUT suntan lotion?)  Likewise, some person who is on the fence about, well, everything, read that information and probably figured since it was o.k. for “me” to do it and I seem pretty healthy, then they should be alright to do it as well.  I mean, who was I to judge while I was all down there partying with the Miami Heat fans after the championship? (Yep, that part was irrelevant but it was so fun!)

It is my job to judge anyone.  And I would hope no one would judge me.  But it doesn’t really matter because that’s the ONLY part of the story you heard.  It’s sort of like our weight loss journey.  We get the ONE part of the story that sounds good, try to use it to our advantage, get disappointed when the real truth is revealed and then go in search of another “truth” (that belongs to someone else) to attach ourselves to and reach for someone else’s life.  It’s time to ask yourself….what’s going to complete YOU and how are you going to go about putting the pieces together with your OWN truth?

From my days as a psychology student, one of the terms I remember the most is “Gestalt.”  It means “circle”, if you will, or that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  The Gestalt theory is that the brain is holistic, parallel and analog.  We see things as a whole before we break down the individual parts.  Getting into the theory is where the breaking down of the parts occur.  But the word “holistic” is essential here but I believe my weekend is part of a bigger picture.

What I didn’t mention was the nice, organic restaurant I walked over a half mile to daily and had lunch; sometimes with tofu, sometimes with grilled eggplant, sometimes with brown rice (all the time with avocado), and the fresh juice and smoothies I drank while eating there.  I walked at least two miles to see the movie “Soul Food Junkies” (when it’s released you should really see it), had amazing Thai gingered veggies for dinner one night and went to bed at 8:30 p.m., prayed on the beach, had at least two salads in addition to all of that and I was drinking Starbucks (where I walked) with my oatmeal (not many vegan breakfast options), when I got caught in the pouring down rain (I know, right?) and when I was trying to get rid of a headache.  I came straight home, slept for 30 minutes and went back out to church.  I also have a workout date scheduled for tomorrow, teach Zumba tomorrow evening and have dance practice after that.  What I am saying is the first paragraph of this blog represents a VERY SMALL portion of my life.  My life is a holistic Gestalt.  I know what works for me and what doesn’t.  I know how to balance the things I do in excess (and I try not to do anything in excess on purpose) and my general life is one of exercise, healthy eating and love.  And I got to do all of that this weekend.  But some people will only see the coconut Ciroc and margaritas because they are looking for a reason NOT to make healthy choices a part of their daily Gestalt.

There is NO WAY I could do what I did this weekend every day.  Or every weekend.  Or, for me, every month.  I know Tasha and I encourage you to start thinking about how you want to live your LIFE instead of grabbing at different parts (others’ parts) trying to make a story out of sentences that don’t make sense for you.  If you did what I did this weekend but you went home, decided to do it again next weekend, didn’t eat a vegetable for six weeks, didn’t exercise for six months and drank six ounces of water a day but wanted to know why the Slim Fast you were drinking for breakfast wasn’t working then you have to start pulling your parts out, the untruths, the fantasies and look at your bigger picture.  What is it that you REALLY want?  What do you want to accomplish?

I want to live a happy, healthy, life.  That’s my truth.  That’s how I live in my circle.  How do you want to live yours?

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