OMG, Becky, Look at Her But……

Yeah…..they are talking about you.

But perhaps Becky and her unnamed friend can’t REALLY see how big your but is because they are too distracted by what you are saying all of the time.  It’s an illusion of who you really are.  All they are going by is hearsay.  The person spreading the gossip is YOU.

 Lately, you’ve done nothing but denounce your strength, your drive, your beauty, your intelligence, your desire to really get where you are going on this weight loss journey.  You think it’s a “good idea”.  You bought the book, the shakes, the DVD’s.  You inquired with the trainer.  You went to Zumba one day.  You started drinking light beer.  You ate a salad. And then you started talking.  You brought your big ole’ BUT onto the scene and it was a wrap.  Now what?

Your mind isn’t playing tricks on you.  You set yourself up.  We all do it We “justify.”  I would go to Zumba BUT it is on a Monday.  I would go to Turbo Kick today BUT I just got my hair done.  I would order a salad BUT I didn’t really eat much today so I need some extra calories.  I would join a gym BUT I don’t like men looking at me.  I would hire a trainer BUT I need to save the money.  I would eat healthier BUT then I couldn’t get my routine pedicures (yes, I’ve heard stuff like that before).  I would eat whole wheat bread BUT my kids don’t like it.  I would eat more vegetables BUT my husband only likes meat. I would drink more water BUT, at the end of the week, I deserve this wine.  Shall I go on?

What if our minds worked in reverse?  What if we said things like, “I am so tired BUT I know I’ll feel better if I go ahead and work out.”  See it works both ways.  We have become so accustomed to letting ourselves off the hook that we don’t even realize we are doing it. It just becomes part of what we believe.  And what we we BELIEVE dictates our behavior.  Because just “behavioral modifications” alone does NOT create an atmosphere of lasting change.  It’s how most of us fail.  We believe that if we go work out and eat a salad, that’s all it takes.  In our minds, we aren’t REALLY willing to give up the “BUT’S.”  Because we haven’t changed the way we view what we are doing, the “behaviors” will be temporary.  The minute we get tired of putting up a good “face”, tired of pretending to act a certain way when we don’t believe ANY of it, we’ll go back to our old habits.  But that’s a blog for another day.  ::)

The next time you shift your justification shift, ask yourself, “What is the REAL reason behind my resistance?”  Is it fear?  Is it that I am not ready to change my beliefs?  Facing the TRUTH head on and choosing to deal with it will take you one step further on this journey.  And Becky and her friend can talk about your BUTT as they are watching you finally walk away from your excuses.

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2 Responses to OMG, Becky, Look at Her But……

  1. Simone T says:

    I surely am guilty of this too! You just kicked me in the BUT with this one Tasha! What a great article that gets me moving away from BUT towards TAKING ACTION and not making any more EXCUSES. Excuses are just things we make up in our heads to justify the fear and resistance of doing it and none of us are exempt fro that experience, even us health coaches! NO MORE EXCUSES! Thanks!

  2. Tasha says:

    Absolutely, Simone! You nailed it. And, yes, even US! :). Thanks for reading. Be well.