Are Your Coils Broken?

It’s April.  Already.  Where did the time go?

It’s seems like only yesterday, the everyone was boldly proclaiming their intentions for 2012 with authority and clarity.  Gyms were filled.  Journals were flying off the shelves.  Vision boards were being created with excitement.  And then, it happened.  You know.  Life.

The buzzer just went off.  The first quarter has ended.  You are back on the bench.  You are re-hydrating for the next quarter.  Some of us are drinking water, lubricating our coils so we can spring back into action.  Some of us are swallowing Pepsi or Patron, complaining about how tired we are, how hard the game is and how much more we’d prefer to sit courtside and watch the action.  The choice is yours.  The question is….are you voluntarily sitting down because you want to or do you not know how to get back up?  Even more so, are your coils broken?

It’s hard to “spring” into anything when you feel like your spirit has taken a beating.  You have tried it all.  You have cut your calories.  You have increased your cardio.  You have even started lifting a few weights. You watch The Revolution, The Biggest Loser and Oprah’s Life Class.  Yet, you feel defeated.  You’re tired.  The weight isn’t coming off.  Your friend is losing weight.  What’s wrong with you?

Sometimes we have to take a step back to take a step forward.  We go into everything with a calculated mind.  The spirit is not an exact science.  And when we get inside that which really gives us the “push” to move ahead on our weight loss journey (or any journey), we will realize that LIFE is not an exact science and expecting things to always go as planned and falling apart when things don’t go as planned is a sure fire way to end up sitting on the bench gasping for air.  It’s not about doing it “right”.  It’s about doing it PERIOD.  My Sister Friend Hakikah said so eloquently the other day, “You don’t have to be perfect, just present.”

As long as you have breath, you have the opportunity to begin again.  Tie up your laces.  Prepare for every day like it’s New Year’s.  Each day you have the opportunity to bring a newness to your life.  Your coils may not repair themselves overnight but they will never repair themselves when they are ignored. 

Game on.

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