You Probably ARE Starving…..

I hear the words “But I was sooooo hungry” probably a million times a day.  It’s usually from “dieters” who are distraught as to why they cannot lose weight after being “so good” for “so long”.  One thing leads to another and then they just go ballistic at the mall and eat five cookies, two pretzels and drink a milkshake.  And then they say, “but I was soooooo hungry”.  Answering immediately seems like sarcasm so I try to just listen attentively but now that I have your attention, my honest answer to any of you who may be facing this is:

You probably ARE.  And not just because you are counting calories.

We live in a “free” world; sugar free, gluten free, fat free, carb free (taste free but I digress) and yet we are paying a higher price than ever.   Often times when these foods are marketed to dieters (yes, it is a strategic business move for you to BELIEVE you are going to benefit from their products), we are so excited in BELIEVING we are getting away with something (dude, it has no calories.  It has to be great, right?) that we miss the fine print.  Chances are when something is taken away (fat, carbs, sugar), something else (processed) is put in its place to compensate.  We are exchanging one thing for another.  While this may look good in your food journal as far as calories are concerned and you may be staying in your calorie count for a couple of days and you feel great, for a minute, here is the reason you are eventually going to go out and seek all of the things you are missing….

You are NUTRIENT deprived and if you haven’t addressed the reason WHY you were overeating in the first place (you went on a “diet” merely because you “like” food), then you are probably deprived somewhere else in life as well.  Your fat free, sugar free, salt free, taste free frozen meal doesn’t satisfy your nourishment and it doesn’t satisfy the “fix” you were used to getting from all of the higher calorie items you used to eat.  Whatever are you going to do?

How about let go of “dieting”, eat real food, listen to what your body wants and needs and tune into what it is that you are really trying to satisfy?  Sounds simple, right?  Well, it sort of is…other than the fact that a lot of us are addicted to fads, promises of quick fixes and processes that don’t work so we can complain about how they don’t work so we can be justified in our constant “falling off the wagon” process.

Did I mention part of that process is surrendering your drama?  But you’ve read that on this blog before, right? 🙂

As long as you continue to try to get around the real issue, you will always have a fake sense of what does your body good.  Certain foods are naturally fat free so fat free isn’t necessarily “bad” but if your entire kitchen is filled with things labeled “free” and there is no produce, whole grains, stuff your great grandma would recognize AND you’re not getting results, it may be time to re-evaluate your plan.

We all require nourishment; body, mind and spirit.  Ask yourself: where are you feeling weak?  Where do you feel the most cravings?  Start there.  It won’t be easy but it will definitely be worth it.

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