All "E’s" Are Not Created Equal

A coach always comes into the game expecting to win.  Ultimately, coaches do not win games.  The effort and performance of the players do.

Some players study the play book.  They trust the coach they have chosen to play under, understand the partnership and are willing to do the work to achieve the desired results.  Some players just like the uniform, the cheers from adoring fans and the “fun” from being on the field. 

And, in the end, when it’s time to go to the next level, it comes down to what the player seeks: Empowerment or Entertainment. 

Which side are you on and how’s that working for you?

Not that long ago, when discussing health coaching options with a client, she said, “Well, my husband said that’s expensive and said that I might as well go to a therapist.  How are you any different than a therapist?”  While there are a MILLION avenues I could take with this statement (because I wanted to say “how many therapists do YOU know that are also certified as a personal trainer, food psychology and holistic health coach, yoga and meditation instructor blah, blah, blah.”  Ego almost took over but I digress….) , the one I want to take is this: It is up to YOU to know what your goals are, what you want to achieve, find out who you are talking to, what they offer and if they are the best partner to walk with you on that journey.  That’s EMPOWERMENT.  For me to answer such a question would have turned into a commercial and would have therefore been “entertainment”.  If you know you need to lose fifty pounds, have an injury, have no idea what a whole grain is, have acid reflux and high blood pressure, on top of having emotional ties with food, repeat failures at Weight Watchers, blowing your food budget every month and migraines, WHY would you want to go to a therapist?  I am not saying I am somehow the “Messiah” of your health crisis but I am saying, as a person who has been to a million therapists AND studied to be one, I have never had a therapist break down any reason for my migraines, irritable bowl syndrome or my desire for a new quinoa recipe in one session.

When I went to therapy (since I have already put it out there), I was ALWAYS up front with the therapist.  I told them I had a Masters degree in Counseling, I could diagnose myself with the DSM IV (but I have been out of school for a while so they might be up to the VII by now) and I am a metaphoric junkie who never gets to the point.  Basically, I wanted someone to listen to my drama without ever getting to the root of the issue.  I knew what my problem was but I was too proud (egotistical) to let someone in to help me.  And, Lord knows, if they ever got in there, I would STILL be in therapy, five days a week.  Or so I thought.  Therapy was “entertainment”.  I wanted someone to “fix” me.  I bought every book they suggested and didn’t read it.  I downloaded every CD they suggested and didn’t listen to it.  I bought new journals and didn’t write in them.  I wanted to play a passive role in my own healing because they were the professionals.  Sometimes I just let them do the work.  Entertainment.

If you want to know coaching is different, or my coaching and programs are different, it is that I don’t do work for anybody.  I have people, right this minute, “entertaining” themselves on a hamster wheel.  They hear everything I say, every suggestion I make but they haven’t switched gears to the “Empowerment” shift yet.  My goal is to walk WITH people.  Plays and strategies are made on an individual basis.  Each “game” (session) is different.  The goal is to become a better player, overall, and WIN and continue WINNING.  I am entertaining, no doubt, but when a player gets behind their missteps and can see it with their own eyes, they are moved to make lasting changes and continue to step up the ladder to even better health.  Elevation.  That is what F7 is all about, for sure.  There are no flat lines in coaching.  Each piece is an evolution and unfolding; if you decide to be empowered.

Show up for the game to play and WIN…..not hope that the coach just lets you sit on the bench and watch.

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