A Hard Head Makes A Soft…..

I always know when I shouldn’t eat something.  I can feel it.  BEFORE I EAT IT.  Call it a weird, vibrational thing.  It’s not a discipline thing (so, I don’t eat meat and dairy and eggs because they don’t agree with me NOT because I feel like the world is going to come to an end if I do and everyone else who does is going to hell but I digress) necessarily.  I just don’t like feeling like I’ve been to hell and back over something that it took me a few minutes to consume.  You just know better.  When you know better, you do better, right?

Wrong.  Obviously.  I haven’t learned the lesson…..yet.

My body has been going through changes this past week.  Call it the “daylight savings time hangover” but I have been so tired that I have not been eating enough of the right things (too much tofu, not enough greens and water) my sleep has been disturbed (getting up at 4:00 a.m. and staying up later trying to get things done_ and my schedule has been extremely altered (spring break for the kids, illness and travel for my clients and did I mention that daylight savings time really messed me up?)  So I KNEW better than to order a pizza.  But I did.  While it’s not pizza in the “traditional” sense (no cheese, tempeh, veggies…..basically sauce and bread), I still ate it.  Not “bad” like I “couldn’t” have it if I wanted it but a “bad” decision when I immediately felt sick, had a headache and fell asleep within five minutes after getting in the car.  Maybe I was just tired.

Or maybe that monkey on my back had jumped on the wrong nerve and just took me out.
Can you relate?

If you can, maybe you can understand why 1) I do not “write” meal plans, 2) I do not suggest the world follow my way of eating 3) I am flabbergasted at the amount of time and money people invest in diet books when the proof is RIGHT THERE in your body.  You may need to be educated on what other types of greens exist if you love spinach and you feel great when you eat it and you want other options but do you REALLY need someone to write out for you what you should be eating at 11:57 a.m.?  What if you’re not hungry?  What if you don’t like sweet potatoes?  What if you find that the yogurt on the meal plan gives you gas? 

What if you took responsibility for tuning in to your own body, paying attention to the signs and signals that you receive (and we ALL do) and using that to return your monkey to the zoo?  You have the power over your OWN plate.

As for what happened when I woke up, well….I came home, took a nap, realized I was tired AND had had too many carbs, got up, had a little protein and I was able to continue with the laundry and other household duties, write my blogs and newsletter, make a phone call or two and get ready for my week.  Yes, I “could” have just been tired.  But I know better.  Just like I knew better when I ate that pizza, like I knew better when I ate those cookies Saturday (no matter HOW vegan they were, sugar does a number on my body), just like I knew better when I went too long without eating and got a migraine, just like I knew better when I didn’t speak up when my husband brought me tofu for dinner (again) on Friday…..

A hard head, in my case, makes a soft stomach, soft thighs, and more importantly, a soft argument that I am not intelligent enough to make wise choices for my health.  Actually, there is NO ONE to make better choices for health than us.  We are connected directly to the most powerful source of information, our bodies. 

Be mindful.  Tune in. 

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