Why You Can’t Get Off "That Stuff" Either…..

At one time, Michael Jackson was addicted to pain killers.  He died from having too much of a substance in his system.  We do not know whether he gave it to himself or whether it was given to him by his physician.  We have prosecuted him either way even two and half years after his death because, according to us, once an addict, always an addict.

The same with Whitney Houston.  At one time, Whitney Houston was a drug addict.  And, in her untimely death, I have seen comments go as far as calling her a a “crack whore” and how we shouldn’t keep exemplifying her as an icon because she was, well, an addict, and why is this the example we want to set for our kids because people, really, don’t change.  You NEVER get off of “THAT STUFF”.  It grabs a hold of you and you become a slave to it.  That’s it.

It makes me wonder if people are waiting for this girl to show up to teach their Zumba class. 
That girl is formerly addicted to my drama and just saying “I like food” me.  
I wonder if people are sitting in the wings, waiting on my demise, saying that since I was once an addict and I will always be an addict and since everyone in my family is “big boned” and that I went into labor in Hooters and could down a six pack of Wild Cherry Pepsi like nobody’s business and eat cheese danish like lettuce and single handedly keep Dairy Queen in business and could barely get into Cook County with getting a half regular with salt and pepper and mild sauce on the fries, I would eventually return to my habits and prove everyone right.
Well, you are wrong about me.  And perhaps this thinking is why YOU are stuck. 
You don’t believe, for one second, you can do it.  You don’t believe, for one second, that you are bigger than your addiction.  It’s not that you necessarily find fault in other people’s stories.  You find commonality and it scares the @#*#&# out of you.  
If you allow fear to keep to you plastered to the couch with your hand in the potato chips, you can never find your way to the center of the issue, which lies in your heart.  Everything that you are experiencing is part of a bigger issue.  Food is a sedative to deal with a BIGGER issue.  And, what’s your bigger issue?  Buried beneath the allergy you think you have to exercise, whole wheat bread and journaling, is a FEAR of facing all of the lies that you have told yourself.  It’s not the methods that you are against.  It is the knock down, drag out heay weight match you know you are going to have when you start digging through those closets where you hid all of those “issues” trying to save face and pretend and as if life were great and you were eating for “enjoyment” and “entertainment”.
And I didn’t read that in a book.
Unless you want your legacy to be one of you talking about other peoples’ struggles and others talking about yours, GET OFF THE FENCE and decide that YOU CAN and YOU WILL make the change.  And you won’t just DO it, you will LIVE it, FOREVER.  When you get inside the real issues, bust the door wide open and rebuild with the right foundation, you don’t have to worry about going back.  Keep your mind moving forward.  Your story may be your introduction but it has NOTHING to do with your performance.  
Rebuild in truth.  Rebuild in faith.  Rebuild in love.  Start now.  
One brick at a time. 
If you are building with them, you have no time to throw them at others.

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