On Another Level

As a child, I loved to jump double dutch, eat peanut butter, tomatoes and lemons, take naps, read books, dance and write.  So, in short, I haven’t changed much. 

And, yet, the more I more matured, the better my double dutch game got, the more ways I learned to eat peanut butter, discovered new varieties of tomatoes (heirlooms are my favorite) and lemons, learned how to nap while having newborns, two jobs and all the way through grad school, discovered new genres of books (even wrote one) and expanded my dancing and my writing.  I took what I had always known, what seemed like second nature and changed the way I operated inside of it.

Sometimes we get stagnant.  When we feel like we “already knew that”, we (or maybe I am just talking about me) have a tendency to disregard how stuck we really are.  We continue to talk the same, walk the same.  We don’t realize that, although it seems like we have been moving, we’ve really been pacing back and forth on the first floor.  We haven’t even begun to climb the stairs. 

When I was stuck in an airport in Atlanta, trying desperately to get home one night after several delayed and cancelled flights, the concept of F7 came to me, on a scratch sheet of paper from the Delta counter.  The word “elevate” jumped out at me.  It’s not that people didn’t know how to exercise or perhaps even “eat right” but I had to find a way to help people step up their game; physically and mentally.  Just recently, a newer concept for F7 hit me while in Nashville a few months ago (only when I’m traveling, right?) and even more recently when I had to say good-bye to my friend Miles in December.  I wanted to show people how to live their lives, however long it was going to be, with authority, with intensity, and with a champion’s heart, as Miles’ had because as a shirt that I used to wear that he loved so much, “No one trains to be runner up.”  So how was I going to get it through people’s head that pushing the button to the elevator wasn’t enough?  I didn’t even want them to ride.  I wanted them to take the stairs.

Faith.  Fitness.  Food Truths.  Flexibility.  Fluidity. (flow)  Fierceness.  Freedom. 
Let me explain.  Wellness is bigger than a number on a scale and it goes far beyond the things seen with the eye.  I personally believe that God rules everything around me and in me and because that is MY belief then I am free to share my gift and talents in what I do.  Faith can be defined in your own terms.   I will say, if you don’t believe you can do this and you don’t believe you are being supported by something bigger than yourself by whatever name you choose then food and exercise is irrelevant.  
It is possible to lose weight without exercise.  It’s possible to gain with exercise.  The fitness is not about the weight.  The fitness is about being strong in body AND mind.  I could starve myself, eat 700 calories a day, become a prisoner in my own body and get down to a size 2.  I would much rather eat a healthy diet, do my push ups, be able to defend myself if I ever needed to, run up and down the stairs at work without being out of breath, play with my kids without needing a break, keep my heart in good condition and never go back on anti-depressants again.  That’s what it does for ME.  
Food truths?  Dispelling the myths about “diets”, starvation, good and bad foods.  I want to help people have a healthy relationship with eating and to not make food the bad guy.  The truth is food is the drug to cover up the other problems.  And that’s what we need to get behind.  
The process and an individual has to be flexible and be willing to move through the obstacles with fluidity instead of wanting to exit every time a challenge occurs.  This comes with learning who we authentically are, how we operate.  And it takes practice.
Being FIERCE.  Have you ever read my fierce principles? ,:)  But know that you will be rocking your UPDATED life with AUTHORITY and when you step into that, there is nothing but…..
Simple concepts.  
How do I do it?  I don’t.  You do.  Didn’t you see the Biggest Loser?  The stairwell scene?  In less than an hour?  I’m just going with you.  But I AM with you all the way.  And when you get to that top level and look down………Oh my…….
Open the door and start climbing.  If you need me, I am not far behind.  I’ve done this stairwell.  A couple of times.  🙂  Elevate to a new level of health.

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