The Thing About Recipes…….

I actually like to cook….when I get into the kitchen. 🙂   Life is always happening so fast.

I think I love to collect recipes even more.  I have cookbooks EVERYWHERE.  I have print offs, magazines, bookmarked websites on my netbook, cell phone and Ipad.  I am not sure if it’s because I LOVE food (which I do) or if it’s because when I stopped eating meat I had to find alternatives to the things I ate the most.  Over time, I have become fairly fluent in what flavors go with what but I still feel like I need the “backup” of someone else’s creation to make sure I get it “right” even though I have tried my share of recipes that came out wrong.

Did you catch that?

Two things I noticed about recipes that are relevant to our day to day challenges with how we view our weight loss journey: 1)  We are DETERMINED to follow someone else’s guidelines and often times disregard our own instincts.  Even if we KNOW that it doesn’t sound right, we feel “afraid” to step outside of the confines of what is written to make it work for us.  Or we still keep the recipe near “just in case”.  2) The irony of our dependence on recipes is that I have NEVER seen a recipe that has a “negative” ingredient; meaning the directions never say “take one half cup of sugar out” or “remove one cups of beans”.  When we are trying to create the “outline” for our “journey”, we always seem to focus on what we should take OUT of our eating lifestyle and what we shouldn’t have instead of focusing on abundance and what we should have.

It’s a double-edged sword.  Will we ever be happy?

If someone tells us what to do and what NOT to have,  we are happy until we realize we are unhappy.  We live in a world that has us convinced that we cannot succeed unless we are deprived of something.  We must starve, resist, be strong, learn discipline.  What we need is to develop a sensitivity to our own bodies and needs and be open to nourishing ourselves externally and internally.

If you were to write a recipe for your OWN life, what would it be?  YOU are the chef.  You pick the ingredients.  And you aren’t taking anything away.  Be a leader in your own healing.

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