But It’s Under Warranty…..

I LOVE new things.  They feel so, well, fresh.  It gives me the sense of starting over.  And I LOVE to start over.  I do it with my hair, with my clothes, with my journals, my athletic shoes, with books, with facial products, with cars and only God knows how much I have done it with food and exercise. 
(Sometimes I feel like I am walking “Extreme Makeover” show that hasn’t made it to television yet.)  I am not sure where this comes from since, really, I am not much of a shopper and I am not making Oprah money.

The only thing I can figure out is that I haven’t made myself over enough yet for whatever I am yearning for to stick.  Or I just wait until the warranty runs out, do “just enough” while I feel “covered” and then run back under the safety of a new product. For instance, when my hair starts to grow, I get it cut because I don’t like maintenance.  When my journals start to have smudges on the pages they don’t look pretty anymore.  When my car starts getting louder and louder, who needs to pay a mechanic?  I’ll just go in debt and buy and new one.  And when January passes and no one is still talking about resolutions, I’ll just blame my failure on the “warranty” of the moment being expired, keep buying products, searching for exercises and diet books to “fix” me, blame the authors, trainers and instructors for not being “good enough” and then just wait for January to start over when I get another “warranty”…..

Yep.  I just went there.  Are you with me?

I don’t knock New Year’s Resolutions.  I cannot knock anyone’s attempt to make their life better in any way.  I merely challenge all of us to go DEEPER, especially if we are making the SAME resolutions YEAR after YEAR and never keep them.  According to a 2011 article I read online (and they all vary), about seventy five percent of people give up on their resolutions in a matter of weeks. The excitement wears off.  The “new resolution smell” is gone.  People aren’t offering you special deals anymore to take control over your own life. It’s not enticing.  You became stressed.  Life happened.  You can’t take your resolutions back to the dealership and ask them to fix the slips you made because you tried to step on the brake and yet you still ate the pizza and drank the beer and didn’t make it to the gym but once in three months.  It’s out of control.  You have no one to blame.  But you should.  You made a resolution.  In January.  It’s under warranty….

When you want it, you want it.  When you need, you have to have it.   And, if this the case, and you still cannot make yourself go after it, you have to dig and find what’s holding you back.  Most of us WANT to be healthy.  I do not personally know anyone who chooses to be overweight and have health problem.  There is just such a gap between the mental and physical aspects of how we define “healthy”.  It is so way beyond carrot sticks, lemon juice and maple syrup and three hours of exercise a day.  

Goals are GREAT.  And writing them down works.  For some people.  I know people who have the prettiest, most elegant vision boards and most sophisticated goal sheets ever. Yet, when trouble/drama/life strikes, their vision narrows.  Come into your resolutions/goals with your FEELINGS, not your checkbook, Excel spreadsheet or your ego (because you’ll feel better if you lose more than her).  Resolve to change your LIFE, not just your year.

Let’s go.  🙂

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