Amazing Grace

“In this plate of food, I see the entire Universe supporting my existence.”

I found this “grace” listed in a book I was reading years ago and found it appropriate to speak life and power over my food before inhaling it in three minutes.  It was a change from the mindless words I said before “thank you for this food I am about to receive for the nourishment of my body and the strength to do Your will.”  I don’t mind “mindless” in the sense that I doubted the power over what I was saying.  I mean mindless that I had stopped paying attention to what I was saying because it had become so automatic.  I have said those words over plenty of fried food, sugar-laden food and all of the food that made me sick to my stomach, gave me migraines and left me feeling depressed and lethargic.  It was hardly likely I had the strength to God’s will or anything other than lie on the couch and go to sleep.  My intention was not in alignment with my words.  I was eating for entertainment, not nourishment of my body, mind and spirit.  As far as I was concerned, the two weren’t connected, even though I was praying like I believed they were.  The Universe may have been supporting me but when was I going to step in and do my part?

I have found it EXTREMELY powerful to think consciously if what I am getting ready to eat (BEFORE I say grace) will enable me to do what I am praying that it will.  If I eat these four fried spring rolls, how will I feel in an hour when I have to teach this Zumba class which is most definitely part of the plan for my life?  That class is how I reach people and show how this once 232 lb. woman can now jump up and down, be energetic, smile, talk and share without passing out.  If I ate that, I wouldn’t be able to leave the house.  It’s the same with cake (which I love so much).  That’s not to say that I WOULDN’T eat it.  That’s to say I wouldn’t eat an ENTIRE cake and then pray blessings over it.  I would probably be praying that I didn’t die eating all of the stuff I know that is poison to my system. 

Our words have power.  And we have to take responsibility for them.  It is also a moment to tap into consciousness and take responsibility for things we “claim” we do unconsciously.  Every time I choose to eat something that I KNOW is detrimental to my system, I was always the one putting it in my mouth.  I may have been doing two things at once and unconsciously eating more than I thought I would but I made the initial decision to choose that food to begin with and therefore it was a conscious decision.  FREEDOM starts with NOT BLAMING OTHERS FOR OUR DECISIONS.

Grace can be an amazing experience each time we partake in a meal.  With a conscious thought as to what we are praying for and how it will affect us and how we can live the words we speak, we can take a step towards better health….and faith.

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