A Little R-N-R

I have always had a gift for words and linking them together creatively.  It is one of the gifts my friends and clients both seem to appreciate about me the most.  I can take complicated and/or harsh concepts and make them simple and gentle; easier for people to receive, understand and implement.

However, there is a concept that I use behind EVERYTHING  I say (and sometimes it doesn’t come off as gentle or simple) and nobody in the world knows how it works better than my fourteen year old son.  When he is “going through” one of his “moments”, being irrational (because, of course, I was NEVER like that as a teenager *wink*) and not aware of the entire picture, I strip away the “innocence” of the moment and come into a full-fledged R-N-R moment.

In my house, we these “REAL LIFE” conversations and discussions on RESPONSIBILITY.

I am the parent who will tell my son the “real deal”.   I want him educated about life, not living in a fantasy bubble or existing in the realm of what his friends (who have less information than he does) have told him.  When I give him the information, I teach him the responsibility of having such information and try to give him the tools to use it wisely.  Beyond that, it is out of my reach.

This is the exact same relationship I try to establish with my clients.  I do not sugar coat the truth.  I take it and put it in real life situations.  I do ask why a person would take “diet advice” from a person twice their size who owns every diet and self-help book under the sun (and they tell you all the “books” have failed), have gym memberships in three places and haven’t been to any of them in six months and now they want YOU to go on a fast with them.  I do ask why you think forty five minutes of walking at a snail’s pace in the gym twice a week should counteract seven days of a bad attitude towards life, eating whatever whenever and getting three hours of sleep a night.  I do ask why a person would believe anything in a box called “detox” would magically eliminate bad habits and a lifetime of Popeye’s Chicken and a nightly relationship with a bottle of Moscato.  I do ask how you can expect to shed any weight when you are walking around mad at the world, still ticked off at your sister about cutting off your Barbie’s hair when you were nine, angry and jealous with your friend over their success and all of those deep seeded beliefs about you not being good enough, smart enough, strong enough, or just enough?

And then where is the responsibility for change you want to occur?

Sometimes all of that is a hard pill to swallow.  So are high blood pressure pills, cholesterol pills, “nerve” pills….

Again, I do creatively link ideas together.  Linking your spirit, soul and health together doesn’t have to be “creative”.  It just has to be for your greatest good.  And that’s what I am here to help you do.  It’s always in love.

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