What Will Pull You From The Lie?

I remember that day very clear.

I had received some news that knocked me to my core.  I felt like I was living outside of my body.  I had been crying for days.  Right after I received the news, I contacted a friend that I’ve known for over half of my life who knows I am the sensitive type and was very careful while offering consoling words.  It was on that third day, when I was hurting and crying so much that I could not get out of bed (and confessed so) that I received the text message that saved my life and keeps me on my toes until this very day…..

Because I may have minors reading this, I cannot repeat word for word what was written.  What I will tell you was that it was tough love from someone who loved me and knew I was tough, who urged me, well, basically, demanded that I get up and get on with the business of living.  After the initial shock of the seemingly loss of sensitivity, I got out of bed, wiped my eyes, looked in the mirror and went to work.  Until this very day, there are people very close to me who never knew what a hit I had taken. 

I needed to see my truth. 

My truth is I am MORE than anything that happens to me.  Sure, I have had more than my share of trials and the last three and half years have been the hardest but when I look in the mirror, I know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that everything in my head that says “I can’t” is a lie….someone else’s interpretation of what I am capable of doing.  I never thought I was “fat” until someone I loved very much called me “fat” and because I cared about their opinion, I lost the weight and STILL saw myself as “fat” and thought I would remain that way until I was validated 100% skinny by that person.  It still hasn’t happened.  And it hasn’t stopped me from reaching a healthy weight and feeling fabulous, might I add.

My question to you is what is holding you in a lie?  Chances are it is the exact same issue that has you holding weight onto your physical body.  Whose standards are you trying to living up to?  Are you still feeling guilty about something?  Did someone discourage you, hurt you, scold you?  How can you, first, uncover these leeches and then surrender them?  (They aren’t just holding on to you.  You are holding on to them.) What are you willing to let go in order to get yourself out of the bed, in front of the mirror and out the door to do the work you are meant to do without being dragged down by the lies? 

“You have no willpower.  Everyone in your family is big-boned.  You will be too.  You can only lose weight if you starve yourself.  You must exercise excessively to lose the weight.”  Each lie we accept ties us down to the mattress. 

Walk into your truth.  Body and spirit freedom is waiting for you.
And I will ask my friend for a group rate on text messages.  🙂

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