Real Talk About The "Wagon"

It has already started.

Here we are, just a couple of days after Thanksgiving, and people have already started with their pre-written speeches about how they “fell off the wagon” and that they are going to hit it hard.  That is, before they “fall off the wagon” again for Christmas and then everyone wants to jump back on “the wagon” and ride it into the sunset (after New Year’s Eve drinks, of course).  

I just have two questions:

1.) Who built your wagon?
2.) Did you “fall off” or did you step off with your head held high right into the sweet potato pie?

So, I said all of that to say: Quit talking about this wagon if you are going to keep stepping off, some even jumping off of it.  No one pushed and made you “fall”.  Maybe you need better wheels so the wagon can go faster so you won’t fall off.  Or maybe slower.  Maybe you need someone to pull the wagon and make sure you don’t fall off.

And that’s all ridiculous.

Yes, I am taking a metaphorical term to a whole different level.  But, in order to change our minds and our bodies we have to THINK on an entirely different level.  Last time I checked, I thought Thanksgiving was about spending time with family and being grateful for life.  I have NEVER read anywhere that one of the requirements was to eat ourselves into a haze.   And, most of us starting plotting weeks in advance.  We feel since we are spending time with family, we should be “excused” from our “diet”.

And that’s where our problems lie.

The word “diet”, in this day and age, seems to equal “deprivation”.  And, when we feel “deprived”, we have to find a way to “make up” for it.  Translation: I’ve been “good” and I should be able to eat whatever I want.

An absence of pleasure in one arena of life will send you searching for it somewhere else.

We justify our “flip flopping” by calling it a “wagon”, using “family” as an excuse to go unconscious and then become involved in this never ending cycle of believing we have no control over our “falling”.  The truth is that we are in control.  Anytime we start mentally fixing our plates a week before the food is cooked, we are in control.  Believing that we are not is how we go unconscious and leave our destiny to chance. 

How do you fix your wagon?

1.)  Decide that no one is driving it but you.  It is great to have someone riding shotgun for support but YOU are driving the wagon in the direction you want it to go.

2.) Decide what materials you will use to build it.  Your wagon will be strong and able to withstand more challenges if you build it with the correct foundation.  And that’s not all about eating kale and quinoa.  This is about equipping yourself with the knowledge to flow with your own rhythm.

3.) Build high sides.  PREVENT yourself from falling.  You may lean or waiver but it’s easier to stand back up from that than to repetitively fall over and over again (and sometimes, grabbing ourselves by the collar and throwing ourselves over).  Translation: change your thinking.

4.) Decide if you even need a wagon.  If your weight loss journey is something you cannot be excited about every day (and I don’t mean jumping out of bed to do squats), I mean SOUL DEEP joy, then perhaps you should abandon riding anywhere and walk so you can slow down and be more a part of the process.  This is not about calories .  This is about changing your life.   You make the decisions.  This is YOUR life.

Whatever your mode of transportation is, let’s get moving. 🙂

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