Are You Ready To Fly?

There is nothing easy about changing who you “thought” you were.

And it’s not cruel and unusual  punishment either.

The word “balance” always comes up but really it comes to down to ONE thing:

It’s a DECISION and you either keep your word or you don’t.

It doesn’t get anymore complicated than that.

What’s complicated are the negotiations we make with ourselves time and time again about how and why we can’t keep our word.  While some of our issues are “scientific” and “biological”, most of them aren’t.  We would rather believe something is “wrong” with us and use it as a reason to surrender our power than move on in spite of what may be.

So what are you going to do?

Change is scary. We dip our toes in it, feel the water, enjoy it while it’s warm, splash around a little bit and take a few pictures.  When the water starts to get cool and we are bored taking snapshots, we are ready to return to safe land and give up what was making us feel so good.  We haven’t learned to be present with the “process”.  We just want the rush of the initial change and the benefit of the final results.  We have disconnected from the fact that change requires work.  And it’s not just physical.

When is the last time you actually just took a breath and took in where you are right now?  Where were you?  And where do you want to go?  If you are in the same place you were LAST November, sitting on the couch, contemplating all of the food you are going to eat on Thanksgiving and the resolutions you swear you are going keep then  perhaps the stakes are big enough for you and you aren’t ready to change.  If you have made some progress but haven’t been consistent, exhale and decide where you want to go from you.  If you are moving steadily towards where you want to, enjoy the moment of progressions and keep your eyes forward.

Often times we feel less than glamorous through transformation.  When we decide that we want to live our best life and we are willing to go get it by surrendering the things that hold us captive (and that can be food, friends, family, relationships, lack of exercise, etc.), our metaphorphisis is more than glamorous.  It is a beauty that words cannot describe.  It is you coming out of that cocoon and becoming that butterfly.

And now you are ready to fly.

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