Out of the Grave Into Amazement

This weekend, I had the awesome experience of meeting a very talented celebrity make-up artist.  When I asked her how she got into her profession, her answer startled me.  She responded, “I was working for (a company) and my doctor told me I had a year to live.” 


As we talked a little bit more, she told me that, basically, the stress was killing her.  A friend remembered she liked doing make up in high school, connections happened and here she is.  She was willing to step out of what was LITERALLY killing her and walked into what has become not only a lucrative career but a sincere extension of her passion and creativity. 

But how many of us will die, afraid to step, afraid to let go of what holds us captive, afraid to open up to the possibilities because being closed keeps us from having to take responsibility for the choices we have made which have brought us to this point?
Have you ever heard “the way you do anything is the way you do everything?”

What you won’t put down will weigh you down.  Literally. 

What we internally struggle with manifests externally.  When we are struggling with trying to “hold on” because it seems like the most logical choice (well, it seems like the most logical choice to the people who are benefiting, which if we are killing us, we are usually not at the top of the list), there is a disconnect between our bodies and our spirits.  When our spirits are unsettled,  we put ourselves in a compromising position where we do not always make the best decisions to support our highest good.  When we are unsure as to what supports our highest good, we allow others to make decisions based on our behalf (and note that NOT acting on your own behalf is a choice as well) and the cycle continues.  We watch ourselves transform into someone we don’t recognize.  We acquire habits we never had before.  We notice that we “snack” (eating to calm our nerves), sleep excessively (would rather not deal with it), put on weight (where did that twenty pounds come from?), lose our hair (it’s not my stress, it’s hereditary, right?) and/or spend more time on the couch than outdoors or doing something active (I’m just tired).

And, before you know it, our life has passed us by.

It doesn’t seem “that deep” when merely reading these words.  However, if you think about someone you know who “used to be” vibrant and alive and they would not step away from a situation which caused them to transform into another person, you will realize that this is real stuff.  And the more real it becomes to you, the more real you can get about being aware that YOUR life belongs to YOU. 

When you can surrender the need to be who you were NOT meant to be, you can easily walk into who you were meant to be.  And while the weight won’t come off instantly because you changed your mind, you will instantly think differently about the weight and it won’t be a “struggle”.  We are all in a “process” but you have to be alive to experience it.

Take your foot out of the grave.  Life is amazing.  Let it go and walk into the freedom that is YOU.

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