It’s All About The Rhythm

This may surprise you but I am a “take matters into your own hands” type of woman.  🙂

It’s how I became a choreographer at age nine.

I didn’t make the cheerleading squad at school.  I went to the after school program I attended in my neighborhood, gathered up my friends, stop hiding the fact that I danced every hour of the day, brought in some tapes and 45’s (did I just tell my age?) and off I went into what would be one of the most defining parts of my life. 

I did the same thing with my health.  Sort of.

I have been poked and prodded more times than should be allowed without any information about how to “fix” my problem. Over the years, I have had more than my share of “diagnosis”.  I am free from most of them now.  And it has nothing to do with all of the co-pays I’ve dished out, all of the tests I’ve taken and all of the medicine I’ve consumed.  And when symptoms randomly show up, I know why and I am in control of whether they stay around or not.  It’s not magic.  It’s rhythm. 
I am always curious when people talk to me about the latest “diet” they are trying.  I want to know where they heard about it and what were the deciding factors to make them choose to follow it.  I get asked my opinion a lot and I am often times looked upon with, well, anger, because I never give what people consider a “straight” answer.  The truth is, when it comes to your diet, there IS no straight answer.  At least, not a “one size fit all” that you are going to find in a book.  My questions are always “how do you feel?”  If you aren’t feeling well, then it’s not working.  If you feel deprived, then it’s not working.  If your “diet” causes you to want to yank veins out of the neck of anyone who is eating anything other than salad, it’s not working. 

And WHO IN THE WORLD started the negative connotation behind the word “diet” anyway?  But I digress….

I want to know if you are hungry thirty minutes after you eat.  I want to know if you feel fulfilled and energized after you eat a meal.  I want to know if you are eating foods that you even LIKE.  If those things are true then you may have found a model in which to start devising your lifestyle change.  If you are not ready to change your life (and everyone is different.  If it’s not your time….if YOU are not ready, then be o.k. with that) then trying to force yourself to do otherwise by sucking down wheatgrass and flax oil will not serve your body well.  You have to know when the time is right, what foods are right, what pattern of eating is right for YOU.  And no one can tell you that.  There is a tuning in you have to become sensitive to and it starts with getting rid of the thinking that the next big infomercial is your key to success.

Your key to success is your own intuition.  You will find your body wisdom there. 
Your success awaits.

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