Six Pounds and a Wake Up Call……

I joked with my yoga students last week and told them that my life would be perfect if everyone did everything my way and followed my rules.  I’d be happy and stress free and wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning up the hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes that seem to blow through my life weekly and destroy my plan for a perfect life. 

As those of us here in Alabama found out in April, the LAST thing a tornado does is consult your schedule before it blows in and comes for a visit.

The one thing a lot of us didn’t do that frightful day in April was take it seriously enough.  I was jamming to Daddy Yankee’s “Gasolina” when we were pulled out of the Zumba class I was teaching and forced to go into the basement. People were complaining and angry even though we had just sent our children to school in what seemed like a monsoon with tornado sirens going off and I had already spent part of the morning in the bathroom with a client  when the sirens went off at 6:00 a.m.  If we knew it was coming, why were we so surprised?  And, even though we did not expect the damage it inflicted, what do we do now that it’s over, four months later?

And what in the world does this have to do with fitness, weight loss, healthy eating or anything else in which I talk about on this blog?

I had a series of tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, earthquakes and severe thunderstorms come through my life last week.  Most mental.  I gained six pounds.

Yes, I said six pounds.

I knew the storms were coming.  I kept right on with my 4:30 a.m. wake up time five days a week, my new habit of eating my greens “when I could”, eating more dark chocolate almonds than fruit (they are good for you, right?), ignoring my injuries, engaging in conversations with people who drain me, entertaining drama from people who I thought needed an “ear”, grocery shopping on my breaks instead of taking a time out, texting and driving (BIG NO NO!!!), trying to keep up with all my e-mails, Facebook and Twitter messages, trying to remember if I ate dinner, changing my schedule to accompany others although it was an inconvenience (because Tasha doesn’t say “no”) and my body was hurting and tired.  When I stepped on the scale Saturday, I thought I was seeing double.

I am a person who knows when they have had enough.  I can feel it physically.  The headaches start.  The stomach pains start.  I physically get swollen in the stomach.  I start having trouble getting up out of bed.  I obviously still need practice pulling the reigns in when I have had enough.  Most of my issue is not about what I ate or didn’t eat (at least not anymore but I have my moments).  It’s about setting boundaries.  It’s about deciding what I am and am not willing to give up in order to keep my body/mind in working order, not in even in working order but in TIP TOP SHAPE so that I can continue to do what I do best; share these lessons of mental and physical health with those who have the same struggles.  I am not worried about the weight.  I don’t look any different and the weight will come off when I calm down.  I have actually went on Facebook and cell phone hiatus for about 48 hours and I have been doing a detox at home (with fresh, clean foods at home, no lemon juice, maple syrup or diet pills) and I feel focused and open to where I made a wrong turn, or let’s face it, several wrong turns.

If you are frustrated about your weight and you are life’s ultimate EMT and find it your responsibility to respond to everyone’s emergency, check your boundaries, your time management, your need to be needed and your own drama quotient in addition to your food and your exercise regimen.  We carry around things that do not serve us, internally, and they manifest externally.  When the storms come (and we know they are coming, sometimes a light rain storm, sometimes a F5), it is our OVERALL preparedness (understanding who we are, how we operate, what are triggers and drama points are, our default foods, etc.) that will help us deal more effectively with the clean up. We live in a world where multi-tasking should be an Olympic sport but, in all the activities you are performing on a daily basis, all the fires you are putting out, do ANY of them serve your highest good?

And, don’t you count?

I count.  I also count three pounds down.  And a million pounds off my shoulders.

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2 Responses to Six Pounds and a Wake Up Call……

  1. Divaangelic2 says:

    Love this blog post Tasha – and you! Thank you for reminding me that sometimes I just need to take a step (or 7 – whatever) back… And BREATHE!

  2. Tasha says:

    Thanks, Angi. :). We are all works in progress. :). (((((HUGS)))))