It’s Always THAT Season…….Abs All Year Around

On Wednesday, a client and I were tossing around a Dynamax Med Ball for some core work (and for your entertainment pleasure, I have been gracious enough to include a private video me being coached through one of their signature wheels by the owner of the company, Laura Cisneros, after I had taken three classes already that morning so excuse the do-rag but you all know how I roll….*smile*) and she playfully said, “Isn’t bikini season almost over?”  I said, “Nope, not at the house.”  And we both broke out in a laughter that probably made the other people at the gym think we had something extra in our tea that morning.  The truth is…EVERY MORNING, you have to look at yourself.  While it’s true you may not be walking around on the beach in December, when you get a glimpse of yourself sideways in the mirror and there is a pouch hanging down, will you be thinking “it’s not THAT season?” or will you be thinking…..well, let’s just say “something else?”

The burning question on most people’s mind is WHAT MAKES GREAT ABS? Let me be the first one to tell you it is not NECESSARILY a crunch.  I am a living testimony that you can have a six-pack under fat.  Crunches, like any other exercise build muscle.  However, if you are trying to look like Janet Jackson, you need a couple of other weapons on your side.

  • genetics
  • the right amount of cardio for YOU
  • the right FOOD

Come close to the computer.  YOU CANNOT SPOT REDUCE YOUR MIDSECTION WITHOUT SPOT CHECKING YOUR PLATE….well, unless you are my thirteen year old son with no body fat whatsoever and a metabolism out of this world.  🙂  Eating a diet rich in fiber that you eliminate (it’s hard to show off a six pack when you are bloated), fruits and vegetables (good for anybody trying to anything) and drinking plenty of water (if you don’t drink it you will retain it) will be a great accompaniment to a good, solid cardio routine (walking ten minutes on the treadmill twice a week isn’t going to cut it and, of course, the closer you get to your goal the more you are going to have to amp it up) and not just “ab” exercises but CORE exercises; those that support your lower back as well.

Come close to the computer again.  My all time successful disappearing waist secret is PILATES.  I was my strongest (core wise)  when I was teaching nine and ten yoga and pilates classes a week. 

Whatever you choose to do, choose to be IN SEASON, ALL OF THE TIME.  There is never a right or wrong time to be at your best.

Thanks for the laugh, J. 🙂

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