Just Call Me "DIVA"
Diva: “a distinguished female singer; prima donna (prima donna being defined as a temperamental person;a person who takes adulation and privileged treatment as a right and reacts with petulance to criticism or inconvenience”)Synonymns include superstar, superwoman, topliner, leading lady. .
Or Beyonce’s definition: “a DIVA is a female version of a hustler….

What if, in this moment, I said, SIGN ME UP. If you must, call me DIVA. I accept the title. relish it in and wear the crown without a second thought? Would you think I was more of a, let’s say, DIVA?

I have been called a “diva” plenty of times; usually because of what people assume about me and not what they know.  It is extremely true that I have my “ways”.  I like certain purses.  I like certain teas.  I like certain type clothes to wear to work.  I like to buy my food in certain places.  I like to use a particular line of products for my hair.  I expect to be spoken to in a certain way.  I have a standard.  And it’s not just “products” or “food”.  It’s how I spend my time and the time I need to take care of myself is respected.

More than my privilege, it is my RIGHT to create the space and the time to provide what I need for myself to live my best life.  There is nothing “negative” about demanding that which feeds me physically, emotionally and spiritually and causes no harm to others. It is a misconception that it is more noble to a martyr than a diva…in words anyway.  What happens when we are deemed as a martyr is that we are burned out and stressed from running around the world putting out other peoples’ fires and we are too afraid to admit to anyone (including ourselves) that we have needs and they are not being met.

I deem the term DIVA to mean:
DEEMING myself IN control of my VICTORY ALWAYS.
That it is o.k. for me respond when I am being criticized for going against what has become the norm and taking care of myself.  Privileged treatment from myself IS my right even if no one else does it.  In my own life, I AM the topliner, superwoman, leading lady because if I do not step up and make my needs just as important as those around me, I will go back to being sick and tired of being sick and tired and dragging around the excess physical and mental weight wondering what went wrong.  
and there is a little bit of a hustler in me….:)
Don’t wait for someone to come in and give you permission to take control of your life.  Don’t wait for someone to say it’s “o.k.” to make the changes you know that need to occur in order for you to take control of what seems out of control.  Your victory awaits.  Stand up in front of your audience and let your voice be heard.  Write the lyrics to your own song and sing it loud.

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