The M or the M?

I joke all the time about creating a fitness and diet “system”, recruiting my clients and a couple of young girls who rock sports bras and six pack abs for my back up people, get a few testimonials, throw in expedited shipping and make sure my price is in three easy installments.  People are attracted to gimmicks and stories.  I am not “knocking” the “most” of these systems.  I am even certified to teach one or two of them.  I can’t knock smart business people anyway.  They have learned to tap into our weaknesses.  They know how to draw us in and we go for it.  I have bought a couple of myself.  However, do you ever wonder why some people have twenty of these programs in their house and have not lost ONE pound?  Or maybe why some people have only bought one and have lost a TON of weight?  Or maybe why some people don’t buy anything off of television at all and still manage to rock out their weight loss goals?

It’s one M over the other M…..(not to be confused with M & M’s)

Everyone is so wrapped up in the method  when, really, it’s the mindset.

I tell people, every day, ANYTHING exercise will work with CONSISTENCY.  Everybody wants the little calendar with the stickers to tell them when to work out, a little book to tell them what to eat, when to eat, how much of it to eat, what color bowl to eat it out of, what type of shirt will burn the most calories when they are eating, etc.  We are so programmed to have everything laid out for us.  It’s as if we believe the answer to ALL of our “issues” are in someone else’s hands.  The real question is what happens when the “six week jump start”  or the “90 days” is over? 

There has to be a shift up top in order for you to stop eating those M & M’s and see some long lasting results down below.  The shift involves an understanding that goes beyond an infomercial.  Let’s take a popular infomercial that is out now that involves a lot of jumping and high intensity cardio.  There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD I would recommend that to a 300 lb. client who has bad knees and asthma.  I might not even recommend it to a 140 lb. client if they have never worked out in their entire life or 175 lb. client who doesn’t eat well and doesn’t know how to hydrate properly?  What do you think is going to happen the first time they hit “play” and feel like they are dying in the first five minutes if their MIND isn’t right? 

There is no “one size fits all”.   The truth is there is a commitment you have to make about becoming EDUCATED and about deciding that your life is WORTH THE CHANGE.  No one can specifically outline your path, detail for detail, like you can.  No one can tell you exactly what to eat, all the time.  You have to be in tune with what feels good, what works, what doesn’t.  It’s about taking responsibility, stepping up and OWNING, in your MIND what you want to change in your body. 

Enjoy your “As Seen on TV” products.  Just know, if you want to have “real life” results, you have to shift more than your credit card number to the operator. 

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