Earning Your Time

Imagine the following conversation:

Me: Good morning, Ma’am.  I have been working really hard. I am way overdue for a vacation.  I have more than earned my right to take off for two weeks.

Boss:  Tasha, you have only been working here for two days.  You have not shown any real significant drive.  You’ve done only what I asked you to do.

Me: Well, what else would you want me to do?  I mean, I did everything just as it was laid out.  That was A LOT of work on me and , seriously, I struggled doing that.  I deserve more credit than that.  (turns around and heads for the door).  I will be be back in two weeks.  I’m going to go kick it.  I’ll see you when I get back.

Sounds pretty absurd, doesn’t it?
Then WHY ON EARTH do people feel like they can do the “minimum” on an “exercise” or “eating” plan for two days and then go off and SPLURGE or “treat themselves?”  Treat themselves to what?  Starting over?  How do you take vacation time when you haven’t earned it?  I know I have been out of the office scene for a while but I seem to recall if I took time off that I did not have, I didn’t get PAID.  If you take time off from your plan, the goals you have set up for yourself and you have not put in the work, you don’t reap the BENEFITS.  Yet, there are thousands (if not millions) of people walking around wondering why they are not “successful” in their weight loss efforts. 

Is saying “get a grip” being a little bit too real?

Where is the disconnect?

In a conversation with someone the other day, someone referred to our style of living now as the “microwave generation.”  We want everything quickly.  Unfortunately, with sustainable weight loss, there is no such thing.  Even with surgery, you do not wake up 200 pounds lighter.  There has to be a mind shift.  Why are we constantly looking to be “rewarded” for doing “good”?  Where did that start in our lives?  And who equated being overweight or eating certain foods as being “bad”?  It’s opening up to the emotional ties which surround everything that we do that will open us up to a new way of viewing our health and how we handle it.  No one should feel like they deserve a cookie because they ate a grapefruit.  And no one should feel like they are going to be sent to the guillotine because they ate a cookie. 

Healthy living is a lifestyle choice and it’s not one to be taken lightly.  If you are really invested in making a change, please be prepared to put some time in before you even think about “treating yourself”.  You may never ever be able to go back to the place that trigger your negative behavior.  I mean, would you ever send a recovering drug addict to the place where they bought their supply, “just to see” if they are really recovered? 

It’s not about being overly strict.  It’s about balance and responsibility. 

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