The "Pimp My Calories" Game
“I am going on a 1,200 calorie diet.  But I am addicted to Snickers and red wine.  And I am going to make it work.”
Seriously?  Who are you really fooling? 

As a former participant in a weight loss system that counted calories, I know how “easy” it is to play by the rules and learn how to get over.  If you stay within 1,200 calories, you can do whatever you want you because you are “following the rules.”  I can remember eating an entire tub of “fat free” Cool Whip because it didn’t “count” against my calories.  Well, duh, maybe if you only eat it once.  However, I was so into the “game playing” that it didn’t occur to me that not only was I taking in the calories, I was also taking in the harmful chemicals and processed who-knows-what they used to make it “fat free” in the first place.  (Side note for you: ANY time someone labels a product as “sugar free”, “fat free”, “carb free” and it isn’t NATURALLY that way, they did something to it in order to make it that way).  It was all fun and games until I stepped on the scale.  I had every excuse in the world as to why the numbers didn’t look the way I wanted them to and I was GOING to find a reason.  I was eating fat free cheese, low carb bread, fat free this, fat free that and I was staying in my caloric number.  What gives?

Well, fat free cheese and chips and diet soda weren’t the ideal foods for my body.  And I am going to assume that no matter how you try to eat that Snickers or drink that wine every day, whatever you are eating in that 850 calories you have left for the day (I am going to give an estimate  about 250 for the Snickers and 100 for a moderate 4 oz. glass of wine) is not enough to fuel your body properly.  It basically comes down to this: you are willing to STARVE in order to have your way and having your way is the reason you ended up on a 1,200 calorie diet to begin with and you have to break the cycle.  We are so dead set on not “surrendering” what we’ve been doing because it’s “who we are”.  This is when “authenticity” is used in the wrong context.  “Authenticity” is about your “soul”, what’s inside your heart and mind, not what’s inside of your intestinal wall and gut.  You can try to eat lettuce with fat free ranch dressing all day if you want to do but chances are you will end up with the following equation:

Wasting Calories on a Low Calorie “Diet” + Starving To Compensate = FOOD BINGE and Having to Start Over

Now, as a person who eats a lot of low calorie foods, I could show you how 850 calories could be extremely satisfying and sell it to 100 people in the next 10 minutes for $19.95 because people are looking for the “gimmick” without having to do the work.  The truth is I don’t count calories.  And it has nothing to do with the fact that I “exercise” for a living.  My exercise has nothing to do with how I eat other than the fact that I may eat a little more for energy when I have to teach.  I actually control my weight through food and the exercise makes it a total package.  You need it all.  I have had three surgeries in about a 2 1/2 year time span where I was at home for 3 weeks, then 5 weeks then 8 weeks. No exercise.  The first surgery, I actually lost 8 pounds because my body was in overdrive I needed rest not a diet plan.  The third surgery, I may have gained a pound.  It is listening to your body, knowing what foods help you function at your best, learning to say “no” to the foods that do not agree with you and doing away with the notion ONCE AND FOR ALL that you still need to find a way to “sneak in” the very things that are putting you in this position.   Try this sentence on and see how it fits:

“Have a little heroine.  It won’t hurt.  Just use it in moderation.”
If candy and soda and chips are the reason why you are overweight, TAKE THEM OUT OF YOUR DIET. Stop trying to formulate the rest of your diet around them.  This is not a game show.  Change your life, not your calorie count. 

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