"The List"
 Happy Mother’s Day!

I have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing people and hearing some pretty amazing stories about how people JUST LIKE ME AND YOU decided to take ownership of their lives and changed their level of activity, changed their eating plans, changed their environments if they had to and changed their destiny. Some have been able to keep the flame going and others have found themselves back on that slippery slope. There is one thing some of them permanently changed that the others didn’t, the one thing that keeps them longing for long-term success…

Their attitude.

I am amazed by how many people come to me and are totally unclear about what it is that they want to achieve other than “I want to lose weight” yet they have a LIST a mile long of things they are NOT WILLING TO DO to achieve it i.e. “I don’t want to get up early, I don’t want to do squats, I don’t want to run, I still want to drink wine, I don’t want to train the day I get my hair done, I don’t want to sweat, I don’t want to eat whole wheat anything, I still need to be able to adjust my sessions according to my social calendar…” And then the next line is, “so, Tasha, can you help me lose 50 pounds in three months?”


And then there is the category of those who are in the process and the stakes have gotten higher (of course you know the closer you get to the goal, the harder it is and the more immune your body gets to exercise or a certain way of eating, the more you have to be willing to shake it up a bit to get the extra changes you desire) and they just don’t have the drive they used to in the initial stages. I am constantly flabbergasted when a client shows up to a session (or sends me an e-mail prior to) telling me what they DON’T WANT TO DO because of whatever reason (and I have heard just about ALL of them over the years). You don’t want to change your life?


The first “real” statement I could make behind that is I am a trained, paid professional and part of my service does not include taking orders. It includes giving them.

But that’s sort of not how I operate. And it’s not how I’d like people who want to work me to operate either. If I had one wish (o.k., three wishes because I’d REALLY like to go to the Bahamas and have a completely paid for baby blue BMW convertible in my driveway with my name on it when I came back), it would be that people, in general, took the shackles off of themselves and became open to the process instead of trying to “remove” all of the things that would keep them from “perfection”.


People who say they don’t want to give up their wine and their food feel like they are surrendering “power” (i.e. control) and people who say they don’t want to run are people who feel like they CAN’T and don’t want to be embarrassed by, in their eyes “failing”. Same thing with push ups and clients giving me laundry lists of things that are “wrong” with them that day. I am a trainer who is interested in the “process“; not only because there is no such thing as perfection in this arena but because I, too, am constantly in a process. I have my moments. I have my doubts. I have my setbacks. Just last week as I was watching two of my clients complete a half marathon, I cried. I was supposed to train with them but I talked myself out of it, used my knee as an excuse because I was afraid that I would not be able to “run” the entire 13.1 miles (and who would really care because 13 miles is 13 miles) and ended up on the sidelines.

Come to the forefront of your OWN health and well-being. Here’s my list for how to get started.

1.). Decide what you want.
2.). Go get it without excuses.

Let’s do this.

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