Your Nose Goes Up, Your Waistline Goes Up

“The way you do anything is the way you do everything.”

If you are one of those people that things “have” to be a certain way in order for you to “roll with it”, have you stopped to consider how this could be affecting your path to wellness?

I know. I used to be one of those people. I didn’t like treadmills (too boring). I didn’t like stationary bikes (not hard enough). I didn’t like step class (had no purpose). I wouldn’t take kickboxing (didn’t like the teacher). I wouldn’t take the dance fitness class (moves were lame and I was more advanced than the teacher). What I didn’t realize that while I was sizing up everyone and everything, my waistline was growing. Those classes were going on with or without me. Those treadmills were still being used whether I was on them or not. Why was I so against making it work?

I needed something to work for me. I didn’t want to work for it.

It’s the same thing people say about personal trainers. Now, as a person who has been doing this work for a few years I will admit, some people just don’t “mesh” well together. However, I will say 90% of the complaints I have heard against personal trainers are cop-outs. They are people coming up with excuses because people thought they were “above” what they were being asked to do. They thought it was primary. They thought it was too simplistic to work. They thought personal training sessions should consist of standing on top of a balance ball with one leg while holding a medicine ball in one hand doing jump squats and an one arm shoulder press at the top when the truth of the matter is a push-up with correct form would have sufficed.

Why do you think infomercials are so popular? Everybody wants the latest thing, the latest workout. Think about all the new cell phones that come out, the newest version of the SAME phone that does the SAME thing. So what if it’s faster? How fast do you have to dial a number? Will it make a person answer any quicker? Who cares how fast you can surf the net or send a text? Did anybody die back in the day if you called them and you got a busy signal or you had to leave them a (God forbid) message with the person answering the phone? What about when coffee was coffee before Starbucks had to publish a book about how to order from them? Let’s not even discuss diets….what happened to eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking enough water, cutting down on our sugar and salt intake and fried foods, cooking at home and using the freshest ingredients possible? There are 15,000 diet books on the market because we have become too intelligent to believe that something so simple could work. Primary needs. We have gotten too sophisticated to realize that we haven’t even mastered the basics yet we want the more complex.

Are you getting “too good” to “get down”? Chances are if a squat worked yesterday, it’ll still work today just as well. Or, are you just caught up in the hype of it all?

Insanity: not the fitness program but the act of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If turning your nose up at what you “think doesn’t work” hasn’t worked for you, well…….

Roll up your sleeves and let’s get to it. 🙂

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