When The REAL Magic Happens……

We have a love affair with happy endings and success stories.

I love a great success story too.  I believe that’s part of the reason why I am infatuated with infomercials; specifically fitness infomercials.  I love to see the “before” and “after” pictures, listen to how they did the program sixty-five times a day, in tornadoes, snow storms, other natural disasters, had three babies during the bonus round and never felt better in their life.  O.K., I’m exaggerating a little bit but they make it seem so “dreamy”.

Even as a borderline Bigger Loser junkie, I am still sometimes discouraged at the amount of people who come to me discouraged because they just can’t seem to get thirty pounds off in a week after watching that initial week of the new season.  I try to explain the reality to them; yes, the contestants are working super hard but there are some factors that the general public isn’t taking into account like the fact that everyone doesn’t have access to the things/trainers they have access to nor are most of us exempt from work/kids/daily life for weeks/months at a time while we work on our weight.  Don’t get me wrong.  It CAN be done in spite of those things.  I’ve done it myself.  However, in this day and age of “fast, right now”, I am left to wonder….how do “I’ do my part to get people to stick it out long enough to experience the “REAL” magic?
If you weigh 400 lbs. and you have been stagnant for twenty years and, all of a sudden, you start exercising like you are trying to become an Army Ranger as well as cutting your calories down tremendously, you are going to lose weight.  I am going to go out on a limb and say anything done with consistency and a diet that suits your caloric needs and metabolism is going work.  The issue isn’t the diets, the trainers, the workouts, the gyms, the equipment.  They ALL work.  WE aren’t working.  I know people who literally own every fitness system sold on television because they are looking for that “easy way out”.  They are convinced that the last program didn’t work for them when really, they didn’t work for it.  They saw how a person with their body type lost 70 lbs. just by doing the program three times a week.  READ THE FINE PRINT.  Notice how they are always giving you a “healthy eating plan” to go along with your workouts?  And, ask yourself.  Have you personally talked to the people in the commercials?  Do you know how long it took them?  Do you know what other habits they changed?  Do you know how often they were really doing the program at what level of intensity?

See, most of us want the success story.  And, honestly, most of us have it.  It’s just not the story we feel is worth telling.  The REAL magic happens when we stop looking for the magic and feel it. 

You’re working out hard.  You sweat in Zumba.  You’ve been doing Body Pump.  You have a trainer.  You’ve been doing this for six weeks now and you have seen no considerable amount of results at least not the results you thought you’d get.  You barely noticed that you weren’t out of breath when you walked up the stairs at work today.  You didn’t give yourself credit for the ten push-ups you did with correct form, forgetting that just six weeks ago, you couldn’t even do one incorrectly.  You didn’t know that you managed to finish five laps in the time it used to take you to do three.  You didn’t notice how your mood has changed and how bright your skin has become.  You’re still waiting on the magic.  🙂

If you are making conscious decisions to change your life, you ARE A success story.  Do not give up because it doesn’t look like the picture you drew in your head.  Keep writing your story.  Who knows?  Your happy ending may be on someone’s next infomercial. 

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2 Responses to When The REAL Magic Happens……

  1. WORD! I like the great inspiration that can come from shows like biggest loser, but I do hate the unrealistic expectations that can come along with it. It’s hard to get someone to notices those small WONDERFUL changes when they’re expecting to drop 10 or more lbs in a week, or else they are a failure.

  2. Tasha says:


    Thank you so much for reading and checking in. Checked out your blog. Keep up the awesome work!