Did It Come Out of The Ground Looking Like That?

Have you ever read “In Defense of Food” and “Food Rules” by Michael Pollan


“Nutrition” books written by a journalist.  It was about the most realistic thing, to date, I’ve read on the subject of eating and our obsession with it.  He made quite a few valid, no-brainer, valid points but one, in particular, is standing out in my mind…

When did I go back to eating “imitation” products?  It was a habit I had broken.  I had started eating closer to the source.  Next thing I knew…I was busy, Earth Fare open, everything looked good and BOOM, I had a habit again.  For the past months, I’ve been doing really well but the more tired and busy I become, the more thai soy nuggets, mock chicken salad (curry and my favorite, cranberry pecan) I eat. The REAL question is WHAT PLANT DID THAT COME FROM?  What kind of processing had to occur to make a soy bean look like some fake chicken?

I am challenging myself AGAIN to starting eating food to eat that is as close to nature as possible.  And, as Michael Pollan states, healthy eating can really be summed up in about seven words.

EAT FOOD (Tasha’s side note: is something that has to be “modified” to look like something else really food?) NOT TOO MUCHMOSTLY PLANTS.

How simple.  How profound.

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