A Green Smoothie? Seriously?

Yes.  🙂

Green smoothies are a great way to get greens into your diet.  I cannot emphasize enough how awesome greens are for you.  Chances are you aren’t just walking around with a snack bag full of kale in your car munching on it throughout the day.  Here is a great way to get some in first thing in the morning.  You can make extra and drink it throughout the day.

Tricks I use:  SPINACH is a mild tasting green.  Use it first before you start adding some of the other greens.  BERRIES will change the color of the smoothie from green if you are a person who is affected by such a thing. Hey, we all have to do what we have to do, right? 🙂  It has also been my experience that MUSTARD GREENS is just going too far for me.

Enjoy the video. 🙂

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