Among The Common Folk….
Some people should just keep their mouths closed.
And I have been one of those people.  I know, even now, when it comes to health and wellness, there are some people who wish I would just SHUT UP.  However, I think it’s because I am a constant reminder that something needs to change within them NOT because I am beating them over the head with how PERFECT I am at that they need to be more like me.  Truth be told, I do not want anyone to strive to be like me.  I want people to challenge me and strive to be BETTER than me.  Yet there is always one in the bunch who feels like they are the epitome of all that is good and it is those in this profession who make it hard for those who are on the fence to find it appealing to climb on over.

It used to be, in my world, that I believe fitness was about cute little perky girls who were probably young enough to be my daughter (o.k., I’m stretching a little but still….I could have started early) with no stretch marks, legs to die for and no credit card debt.  Their fat rolls never popped out when they jumped, they had wheatgrass shots for breakfast every morning and they had endless amounts of energy without Starbucks.  However, after being in this industry for six years, I realize that NO SUCH PERSON EXISTS and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is out of their mind.  I am not suggesting that there are not healthy, active leaders in our profession.  What I am suggesting is that there is no such thing as perfect.  I think, after spending time on both sides, that some of us tend to idolize those that “look” the part without knowing their story (are they really healthy?) and there are some of us who tend to look down of those who don’t look the part (who are they to tell me what to do when they aren’t this or that?) without knowing their story?  It’s a sorted business of judgment.

This week, I saw the ugly side of my profession, where a “professional” was judging other professions merely based on their appearance.  It made me sad.  It made me angry.  It made me ashamed.  She doesn’t know me or anyone else she was speaking about, for that matter.  However, because she deemed herself as “better” because she engaged in more of “this” or more of “that”, it made me wonder how she came off to her students.  How did they feel after leaving her?  (Seriously, you can’t hide that kind of energy.) It made me want to go out and give a hug to everyone who’s felt degraded by someone who thought they were perfect.

I know I can’t change everyone.  Honestly, I can’t change anyone but myself.  And I am willing to do that.  Constantly.  I suppose I will never be famous if it requires being a certain “type”.  I like being among the “common folk” a little too much.  Perhaps because I am one of them. 

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